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Howling winds, surging waves, a boat being tossed wildly from side to side, and twelve terribly terrified disciples.

Then a shout. “Quiet! Be still!”


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A great Midianite army invading, no, ravaging, Israel. A weakling from the tribe of Manasseh being called to fight against the Midianites.

Then a voice. “Do not be afraid.”

He is always spoken of as the doting husband of Bathsheba, brutally slain to cover up for King David’s misdeed with her. The helpless victim o


Happy, blessed and victorious new year to all my fellow Filipinos here and abroad!

As a nation, the recent years will definitely be recorded as among


The contrast of the landscape against the woman, the details of the transparent veil on her head, the soft contouring of her face as seen