Then Jesus came. He left the grandeur of the heaven of heavens to suffer as mortal man. For the salvation of a humanity that He did not need, He chose to be born as a baby in swaddling clothes, with the full knowledge that He was here for one chief reason: to live to die… that we may have eternal life.

In Him IS life. Even as we believe, life will continue to throw at us all the grief, disappointments, failures, hurts and pains. But with God, we have peace that surpasses understanding even in the face of tragedies and calamities. With Him, we become enabled to choose joy in the midst of whatever tests or trials come our way. With Him, we become enabled to weather whatever challenges may bar our path to our full potential, to our dreams and to the very purpose of our creation. With Him, we become enabled to choose to live, rather than exist.

With Him, we live. We live full lives even while here on earth. 

With Him, we live. Even after we die physically.

Our salvation came at a steep price, through the costliest expression of love: the Cross of Calvary. But it is that same love that has become the light of all mankind. And it is only upon the acceptance of that light can we truly have… life.

Start from the very beginning… begin on your knees, at the throne of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Life-Giver.


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