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If there was someone whom the general public disdained, it was him. He was, for them, a sinner beyond forgiveness—a money-whore. So everyone was shocked when, amongst the throng of crowd, he was singled out and told, “I must stay at your house today.” What was more shocking was the event that ensued: “Today salvation has come to this house…”

The bleeding woman… the grieving mother… and the corrupt Zacchaeus. They were all sick: one with a terminal disease, the other with bereavement, and the last with sin. Everyone thought that theirs was a hopeless case—until Someone came.

JEHOVAH RAPHA, the Lord who heals.

He who heals the gravest of diseases, the deepest of heartaches and, even, the vilest of sinners—not just because He can but, also, because He cares.

So believe in His power and His love so that, like them, you, too, will receive the healing that you need.

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