El Elyon, the Lord Who Owns

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Imagine that father as THE EL ELYON GOD—the Lord Who Owns—who says:

Who cares if you’ve fallen into sin again… if you’ve run so far away from me? Didn’t I come to seek and save the lost? And didn’t I already bear every sin there is when I was crucified on the Cross?

Yes the world is unsafe and the enemy is prowling about waiting for someone to devour. But didn’t I say ‘Fear not for I am with you’? Didn’t I say that I rule over the world… that I have overcome it?

And I haven’t forgotten the sicknesses that taint this world—plus the poverty, the corruption, the rejections, the failures. But didn’t I receive whips and lashes that you might be healed? Didn’t I become poor so that you may be rich? Didn’t I receive scorn and rejection that you may be accepted?

All these, I did, because YOU ARE MINE. It is I who formed you in your mother’s womb, not the enemy who pushes you to sin, puts you to danger, and prevents you from having a full life. It is I who created you, so I will do everything for you, for you are mine.

So run to El Elyon as a boy does to his father. And when you finally feel His arms around you, maybe all you could say is, “This, here, is home.”

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