Bad Times? Something good can come out of this!

Bad Times? Something good can come out of this!

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the ways we live–including how we serve in the Lord’s ministry. But even if there are physical restrictions, our being fishers of men cannot be deterred.

For Sis. Maricris Pammit of JIL San Isidro, Cabuyao, Laguna and Sis. Karylle Cabugatan of JIL Peace Village/Inarawan and Pinugay, Antipolo City, sharing the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ must continue. This pandemic is all the more reason for them to obey Jesus’ command to go out and proclaim the salvation of Jesus Christ.

Sis. Maricris: rich harvest of souls online

Two weeks before the implementation of the Enhanced Community Quarantine, Sis. Maricris received a revelation from the Lord that made her pray more for family members who were yet to receive Jesus’ salvation.

She held on to God’s promise in Acts 16:31: “Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved—you and your household.” His Word reassured Sis. Maricris that the Lord would never turn His back on her heart’s desire for the salvation of her family members.

And then she acted on her faith. Sis. Maricris invited her mother and siblings last April 10 to an online bible study and, to her surprise, they agreed to join. It was an unforgettable date for her as it was also the day that her mother and siblings finally recognized and accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior. To add to the blessing, her mother who had just received Jesus in her heart requested that they do the online bible study every day. Her heart burst in joy.

Henceforth, they hold their online Bible study every day at 8:00 p.m.

Sis. Maricris also encouraged their other relatives to join the online Bible study. They eventually did and they also received Jesus’ gift of salvation. As of now, 12 family members have accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior through the online bible study that Sis. Maricris pioneered. Praise God for this rich harvest of souls!

Sis. Karylle: salvation at the perfect time

Sis. Karylle had one precious prayer: that her father would open his heart to the One she serves—Jesus.

Amid this pandemic, she prayed even more that God would answer her precious prayer, especially because her father had a lingering illness due to his old age. She always reminded God of Mark 11:24 that says, “Whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.”
Sis. Karylle felt the urge to make her father watch the JIL Worship and Healing Services aired on Light TV. She admitted that, at first, it was difficult to persuade her father into watching. But by unceasing prayers and perseverance, her father eventually obliged. Sis. Karylle was in awe of the Lord for the answer to her long-standing prayer about her sick dad.

As they watched together Bro. Eddie’s televised messages, she would see her father intensely listening to God’s revelation. There were even instances when tears freely fell from her father’s eyes. Her heart melted every time at the sight of it. Then there was that time when he joined the prayer of acceptance led by Bro. Eddie during the Worship and Healing Service. As he prayed, Sis. Karylle sensed the humility in her dad to come to Jesus.

So when her father passed away last April 28 due to his illness, there was assurance that he received Jesus Christ as his Lord and Personal Savior. While her father’s passing is still painful, Sis. Karylle is thankful because the Lord embraced and comforted her dad up to his last breath.

Sis. Maricris’ and Sis. Karylle’s testimonies are proofs that the God we serve is a God of turnarounds. That even at such a time like this, God can produce something good out of it.

Theirs are testimonies reminding us that if we still have loved ones or friends who have not yet received Jesus’ salvation, we must never give up on praying for them. Because in God’s perfect time – even in the midst of a pandemic – they shall be part of the harvest. Like what they always say, “Faith it until you make it!”

Photo courtesy: Sis. Maricris Pammit and Sis. Karylle Cabugatan

JIL Netherlands pioneer receives royal honors from the Dutch monarch

JIL Netherlands pioneer receives royal honors from the Dutch monarch

Sis. Avelina Rodriguez-Baxa of JIL Netherlands received the “Lid van Oranje Nassau” (Member of the Order of the House of Orange) medal last April 24, 2020, which was presented by the Mayor of South Holland province Johan Remkes on behalf of King Willem of the Netherlands.

She was one of the three Filipinos to receive the award, which is given to Dutch citizens and foreign nationals alike who have made meritorious contributions to public service and voluntary activities.

Sis. Avelina’s volunteer work includes providing counseling, training, and practical assistance to Filipino migrant workers living under difficult situations.

It all started in the 1980s, during the height of domestic violence in The Netherlands, where “mail order brides” were rampant. She worked for the welfare of entertainers and for those in inter-marriages and focused on improving the occupational and social position of Filipino workers.

Sis. Avelina led the fish net making project at Brgy. Casilian, Bacarra, Ilocos Norte

Sis. Avelina led the goat-raising/breeding project at Brgy. Baraniw, Cabaruan, Casilian, Bacarra, Ilocos Norte

Sis. Avelina interviewed by TV Patrol Ilocos Region on 2010

For that, she co-founded Samahan ng Manggagawang Pilipino sa Netherlands (SAMAHAN) together with her husband and three other Filipinos. She further became a board member of Stichting Kapatiran from 1993-2018, which supported underprivileged and indigent children.

Still, the “Koninklijke onderscheidingen” (royal honors) is not Sis. Avelina’s first award. In 2005, she received a gold medal award by Bombo Radio Ilocos Norte in recognition of her efforts in the microfinance of livelihood projects for unemployed mothers in Bacarra, Ilocos Norte, where she came from. Furthermore, in 2010, she became a recipient of a special recognition by TV Patrol Ilocos Region through the Basic Literacy Program she was engaged in. The following year, the foundation further received the Presidential Banaag Award.

But aside from her social work, Sis. Avelina is also actively involved in the ministry. Aside from being one of the five pioneer members of JIL Netherlands, she also held several ministry positions: Secretary of Board (1994-2006), Bible Study Cell Group Leader (1994-1999), Education Ministry Head (1994-2009), and Editor-in-Chief of the JIL NL newsletter “In Pace With God” (1998-2001). Presently, Sis. Avelina is the church coordinator of JIL Rotterdam.

From a “fellowship partner scholar” finishing her MA degree in Development Studies at the Erasmus University Rotterdam International Institute of Social Studies, Sis. Avelina’s journey turned out to be a fulfilling and “others-uplifting” journey. It even turned out to be a successful and decorated one. But for all these, she herself attests, “It is all for the glory of my God!”

Revival during JIL WUSA’S Vision Casting and WIN Summit 2020

Revival during JIL WUSA’S Vision Casting and WIN Summit 2020

“Vision 300 by 2020 and beyond!”

That was the battle cry of everyone who attended the JIL West USA (JIL WUSA)’s Vision Casting and WIN Summit last January 23-25, 2020 held at JIL San Diego, CA.

On the first day of the event, the vision of JIL WUSA’s pastors and leaders was renewed, instilling in them the faith that every church in the JIL WUSA region would experience breakthroughs, great increase, harvest, and expansion—not just in numbers but, also, in signs, wonders and miracles.

For the next two days, their faith was strengthened, as God empowered them to fulfill the vision. The fire of God came upon the attendees, and many testified of renewed passion. There were those who, for a long time, had been in spiritual hibernation, but were revived. There were those who had been stagnant in their calling and in their ministry, but recommitted their lives to God.

The three-day event was marked not just by personal revival but, also, corporate revival as the attendees also recommitted themselves to the vision of God for the JIL Church.

With everything that happened, the pastors and leaders of JIL WUSA left the event revived, renewed, and full of faith that, through God’s power and anointing, those who need the touch of Jesus Christ would be drawn to the JIL churches in the WUSA region.

Around 3,000 OFWs participate in JIL Taiwan’s Leadership Conference 2020

Around 3,000 OFWs participate in JIL Taiwan’s Leadership Conference 2020

TAICHUNG CITY – While the Taiwanese community celebrates the Lunar Chinese New Year, and even amidst the novel coronavirus outbreak, around 3000 Overseas Filipino Workers from different cities and counties of Taiwan flocked to the Aerospace Industrial Development Corporation (AIDC) Auditorium in Taichung City for the Jesus is Lord Taiwan (JIL TW) Leadership Conference 2020 last January 25-27.

For more than two decades now, JIL Taiwan has been regularly holding Leadership Conferences for its leaders, workers, and new believers to equip them with biblical principles and truths for practical application in their daily lives.

For this year’s conference, the theme was “Fully Charged,” based on Ephesians 5:18b, “but ever be filled and stimulated with the Holy Spirit.”

Powerhouse guest speakers included Rev. Dino Tobias, Ptr. Menchie Tobias, Rev. Joey Crisostomo, Ptr. Ellen Crisostomo, Rev. Alex Garcia, and Dr. Lilian Garcia. They shared inspiring and powerful messages on how to maintain one’s zeal in his/her personal relationship with the Lord and in serving God’s ministry considering the everyday challenges in life.

Pastors from Cambodia, Singapore, Japan, Vietnam, and Laos were also present. Other special guests also include Bro. Marlon and Sis. Joanne Oliveros, who led the worship team.

The “God of Juanders” parade and presentations officially opened the conference. It was a thematic dance competition showcasing the talents, creativity, resourcefulness, and unity of JIL Taiwan’s leaders and workers. Among the fun-filled activities was the Campers’ Night, where the delegates donned their “boots and beanies,” sang JIL signature fellowship songs, and met old friends. Delegates also shared a hearty Filipino breakfast a la boodle fight.

The conference concluded in a commissioning service where everyone renewed their commitment to the Lord and was anointed by God through the guest speakers and also, by JIL pastors from the JIL International Operation – Asia, Middle East, Micronesia and Africa (AMEMA).

The JIL Taiwan Leadership Conference was managed and hosted by JIL Taiwan under the leadership and guidance of couple Rev. Edgar and Ptr. Recilyn Valdoria.

Jesus Is Lord Church Hong Kong  Leadership Conference 2020

Jesus Is Lord Church Hong Kong Leadership Conference 2020

Nearly 7,000 people attended JIL Hong Kong’s Leadership Conference last January 26, 2020 at the Queen Elizabeth Stadium in Wan Chai, Hong Kong.

An annual event, the leaders and workers of JIL Hong Kong congregate every Chinese New Year season to be empowered and, also, to receive the fresh infilling of the Holy Spirit.

The conference was also participated by guest pastors from the Philippines. Rev. Bobot Bernardo, OIC Executive Director of the JIL Church Worldwide, and Hon. Domeng Rivera, Representative of CIBAC Partylist, shared the Word of God and ministered to the spiritually hungry delegates.

Attendees testified to the strengthening of their faith and to the revival of their souls, even as the supposed two-day conference was cut short to one day due to the Hong Kong government’s restriction in relation to the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) global emergency. As a precautionary measure, everyone, the speakers included, wore face masks and exercised strict hygiene practices.

Though the time seemed limited and the times seemed dreadful, those in attendance testified that it was still a remarkable experience as God poured out His presence to them. Some even mentioned that not only were their hearts consecrated and renewed through God’s anointing, but their faith also strengthened and revived to willingly do great exploits in the land they were currently in for the glory of God.

More than 6000 people flock JIL UAE’s 17th anniversary celebration

More than 6000 people flock JIL UAE’s 17th anniversary celebration

Over six thousand members and guests congregated at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC) last August 23, 2019 to participate in the 17th anniversary celebration of JIL UAE.

The venue’s three halls were jam-packed with Filipinos and non-Filipinos alike, all eager to hear God’s message through keynote speaker, JIL Founder and incumbent Deputy Speaker of the 18th Congress of the Philippines, Bro. Eddie Villanueva.

Bro. Eddie’s message revolved on the anniversary theme, “Beyond Borders,” which was taken from 1 Chronicles 4:10, “Jabez cried out to the God of Israel, ‘Oh, that you would bless me and enlarge my territory! Let your hand be with me, and keep me from harm so that I will be free from pain.’ And God granted his request.”

In his message, Bro. Eddie assured the congregation, “The works of the devil are rampant in this world, but God is alive.”

He also underscored the power of the Holy Spirit, emphasizing that it is the Holy Spirit who enables His people to go beyond borders and overcome whatever limitations they may encounter in their personal lives.

“Our spirit will be more than conqueror. We will not be afraid of problems. Problems will be afraid of us. The devil will be afraid of us. Not vice versa, when we receive the anointing of the Holy Spirit,” he said.

But aside from receiving, Bro. Eddie also emphasized that Christians also have a duty.

“The real formula to experience Jabez’ tremendous blessings and expansion of territories is to know God,” he stressed, adding that knowing God includes knowing how to approach God in genuine prayer. “The name of Jesus is the only franchise holder of authority for the Father God to hear our prayers.”

Aside from Bro. Eddie’s teaching, the event was also highlighted by a musicale on the story of Jabez, performed by actors, singers and dancers from the different subchapters of JIL UAE across seven emirates.

JIL UAE Area Pastor and Middle East Regional Pastor, Rev. Luzviminda Macabinquil expressed her gratefulness to God for the success of the event, which was also attended by International Operations Director for Asia, Middle East, Micronesia and Africa (AMEMA) Rev. Edgar Valdoria, JIL Taiwan Pastor Recilyn Valdoria and JIL Philippines Pastor Stanley Flores.

Two high-impact gatherings of Central Operations Region 6

Two high-impact gatherings of Central Operations Region 6

Central Operation’s (CenOp) Region 6 continues to strengthen its networks with its high-impact gatherings, particularly the “Kristiyanong Kabataan para sa Bayan (KKB) Empowerment” held last July 28 and the “Young-Adults Network (Y-AN) Hangouts” held last August 21, which were both held in Calamba City.

School Outreaches

Eight hundred (800) young people from Cavite and Laguna converged for the “KKB Empowerment” that challenged them to strengthen existing campus ministries and establish outreaches where there is none yet.

“All church programs and activities are futile if not done with love,” reminded by Bro. Ryan Jay Galang, one of the event speakers, to those who attended.


“Y-AN Hangouts” was a memorable event for the 230 young adults who joined this activity. It was a full-packed day where the delegates participated in seminar-training sessions on physical wellness, financial planning, and strengthening relationships.

There were also break-out sessions that provided a platform for them to network with fellow young adults who are in the same field or profession.

Simultaneously, they had brainstorming sessions on how to establish life groups in their respective companies or offices.

Also, most importantly, the event emphasized the delegates’ need for Christ above all concerns in life.

Pastor Irma dela Cruz, one of the speakers of the Y-AN event, said, “You might be busy taking care of your health, in increasing your resources, and probably in finding your lifetime partner, but do not forget to always search for the One who gives life, who gives you the power to get wealth, and who perfects everything concerning you.”

2,443 OFWs attend JIL Taiwan Leadership Conference 2019

2,443 OFWs attend JIL Taiwan Leadership Conference 2019

The Jesus Is Lord (JIL) Church – Taiwan’s Leadership Conference this 2019, dubbed as “Changemaker,” became a life-changing experience for its more than 2,400 participants. It was empowering spiritually, emotionally, and physically.

The conference was held last February 5-7, 2019 at the Aerospace Industrial Development Corporation (AIDC), Taichung, Taiwan through the leadership and guidance of Rev. Edgar and Ptr. Recilyn Valdoria.

Rev. Edgar Valdoria

Rev. Joey Crisostomo

Rev. Bobot Bernardo

The Biblical references and lessons revolving around “Changemaker” were delivered in powerful teaching and preaching messages by, among others, Rev. Joey Crisostomo, Ptr. Ellen Crisostomo, Rev. Bobot Bernardo, Sis. Shirley Bernardo, Rev. Alex Garcia, and Dr. Lilian Garcia. Meanwhile, Bro. Marlon and Sis. Joanne Oliveros were also present as guest worship ministers. Regional Pastors from Japan, Korea, Vietnam, and Cambodia also attended the conference. The participants were empowered in their commitment to fulfill their God-given calling in their respective ministries.

Ptr. Ellen Crisostomo

Sis. Shirley Bernardo

Rev. Alex Garcia

Dr. Lilian Garcia

The “God of JUANders” parade and presentations officially opened the conference. It was a thematic dance competition showcasing the creativity, talent, and unity of JIL Taiwan leaders and workers, fostering camaraderie among them. The fellowshipping activities were completed through a “boodle fight” among the delegates.

Testimonies of miraculous healing, transformed lives, personal encounter with the Lord, and manifestation of greater outpouring of the Holy Spirit highlighted the third day of the conference.

The conference concluded in a commissioning service where everyone renewed their covenant with the Lord and be anointed by God through the guest pastors and pastors from JIL-AMEMA countries.

The conference also served as a venue to meet new friends and reunite with old friends and co-workers in the ministry.

JILCW opens its first non-Filipino church in Uganda

JILCW opens its first non-Filipino church in Uganda

“To bring all peoples to the kingdom of the Living God regardless of race, status, belief and religious affiliations through the saving, healing, delivering, and transforming power of the Lord Jesus Christ”

This has always been our mission, the very reason why our church, the Jesus Is Lord Church Worldwide (JILCW), exists. For almost 41 years now, we have been striving to fulfill this—be it on the streets, in schools, in communities, even in prisons and in the remotest areas of the world, where danger and hunger prevail.

Last May 26, 2019, another testimony to the fulfillment of our mission was written in the history of JILCW as the first non-Filipino JIL worship service was held at Bugoma Village, Malongo, Mayuge, Uganda. Led by Ptr. Luz G. Macabinquil of JIL International Operations – Asia, Middle East, Micronesia, Africa (AMEMA) and by Bro. Nteba Matiya Dan, JIL Uganda Church Coordinator, the team braved the 14-hour journey just to reach the village of Bugoma where hungry hearts were waiting.

According to Ptr. Luz, when they reached the village, the compassion they felt for the Ugandan nationals was overflowing, even though the difference in race, culture and language was there. What the team saw was not just the evident hunger of the people’s stomachs, the team felt their hunger for significance, for hope, and for love.

The first worship service lasted for four hours, from 9:00am to 1:00pm, with Ptr. Luz delivering the sermon in English and Bro. Nteba and Bro. Charles Tumwa translating it in Ugandan language. The worship service also included anointing of oil and dedication of the children unto the Lord, at the request of the parents themselves.

In only three days, the team reached two more villages. They plan to come back and reach five more.

This mission began through the burden of Bro. Nteba, who was working at United Arab Emirates (UAE) and was attending JIL UAE, to share to his countrymen the Gospel he received. His burden, and the unreserved response of Ptr. Luz and the team, founded a church where love, hope, and unity could flourish.

Still, this extraordinary milestone could only be attributed to the abundant grace and mercies of our Living God who led Bro. Nteba to JIL UAE and broke open his heart for evangelism. So, as it is with God’s hand that JIL Uganda was established, we can be sure that this is just the beginning.

Moreover, with a milestone such as this, let us keep on praying: for more opportunities to share the Gospel, for more people to receive the message of the Gospel, and for more missionaries who would willingly share the Gospel, whatever the cost may be.

All these said, with faith in our hearts, let us declare:

Jesus is Lord over Uganda!

Jesus is Lord all over the world!


Address: Bugoma Village, Malongo, Mayuge, Uganda

Worship Service Schedule: Sundays, 9AM

Church Coordinator: Bro. Nteba Matiya Dan

JIL Pampanga conducts equipping program for leaders

JIL Pampanga conducts equipping program for leaders

Last June 12, 2019, Jesus Is Lord Church Pampanga held its victorious Leadership Equipping Program at LausGroup Event Center Dolores, City of San Fernando. More than 2,200 church pastors, coordinators, life group leaders, and church workers from different chapters of Jesus Is Lord Church Pampanga participated the program.

With the theme “Called to Make a God-Honoring Difference” taken from Ephesians 4:1, the event aimed to further equip provincial outreach leaders and workers with Biblical principles and Spirit-led strategies as they fulfill and pursue God’s call in the ministry entrusted to them.

Distinct preachers shared inspiring, faith-stirring, and passion-rekindling teachings. Ptr. Arnel Arcega, Area 19A Pastor of National Operations and Church Pastor of Angeles City, challenged the delegates in his preaching “Living a Life that Makes a Difference.” Rev. Joey Crisostomo, Director and Dean of Bro. Eddie School of Ministries International (BESMI), delivered an inspiring sermon with the topic “The Best Life Ever.” Dr. Lilian C. Garcia, Administrative Head of JIL Pampanga, handled the third session which centered on practical strategies on how to fulfill God’s call. The timely message of Rev. Alexander O. Garcia, Director for National Operations of JIL Church Worldwide and the Supervising Pastor of JIL Pampanga, which emphasized on the value of being entrusted with the sacred calling and function in God’s ministry, capped off the historic event.

The delegates were also blessed with other presentations in the program such as the inspirational messages from Rev. Bobot Bernardo, OIC-Executive Director of the JIL Church Worldwide and Sis. Ellen Azares, Provincial Education Ministry Coordinator of JIL Pampanga; testimonies from selected JIL Pampanga leaders and workers who made a God-honoring difference in their lives; a special song number of JIL San Fernando Choir; a special audio-visual presentation of JIL Pampanga’s milestones; and a prophetic gesture of the delegates’ declaration of commitment to make a God-honoring difference.

With workers and leaders equipped with experience, training, and, ultimately, God’s anointing, we believe that the best is yet to come for JIL Pampanga.