Post-Election Reminders

We all have the right and the freedom to choose our leaders. But our exercise of democracy should NOT be divisive. Here are some reminders to help us maintain the bond of peace.

Being a Christian is more important than being right.

  • Check your heart. Before you react/comment/share/post, ask yourself: Am I calm? What is my motive?
  • Watch your words. Never use unkind, harsh, and reviling words.

Remember: If you lose your temper, you lose your testimony.

We all have the right to speak our mind, but our right to speak doesn’t give us the right to disrespect others.

  • Present your point politely.
  • When making a point, focus on the issues and never resort to insulting or mocking someone.
  • Refrain from provoking or making fun of others.

Remember: Even if you’re in the right, if your approach is wrong, you are wrong.

Preserving a relationship is more important than winning the argument.

  • Listen and try to understand where they’re coming from.
  • Focus on your common grounds, not on your differences.
  • When the conversation becomes heated, disengage politely.
  • If you can’t settle on an agreement, just settle to respect each other’s opinions.

Remember: If you win the argument but lose the relationship, you lose.

Being a Filipino is beyond election day.

  • Be a prayerful citizen. Pray for all elected officials, so that they could lead our nation with dignity, integrity, honor, and excellence.
  • Be a watchful citizen. Respect all elected officials, but don’t worship them. Keep watch and hold them accountable.
  • Be a responsible citizen. Don’t leave the task of governing your life to the government.
  • Be a knowledgeable citizen. Know the events that led our country to its present situation and understand the issues plaguing it.
  • Be a caring citizen. Serve others in your own ways. Watch out for the poor, the disadvantaged, and the marginalized.

Remember: The success of our nation lies not only on the government, but also on all of us.

Democracy is more than just freedom; it also entails responsibility. It calls on us to speak up and stand up for what is right. Using the right forum and remaining Christians in our approach, let us uphold our freedom and fight for what’s biblical, moral, and factual.


A Threefold Guide for the May 2022 Elections

Do not be misled by

X a candidate’s mere popularity & family name

X other people’s biases & opinions

X outright lies & deceptions

Instead, vote based on what’s





Choose candidates who—

  • are Godly, who believe in God and embody Christian values (Deut. 17:15, Pro. 29:2)
  • have integrity, honorable in speech and conduct, both publicly and privately (Deut. 17:16, Pro. 16:12)
  • are not corrupt, with no records of stealing from government funds or giving bribes (Deut. 17:17b, Pro. 28:16)
  • have no criminal records, not involved in drugs, gambling, illegal trade, extra-judicial killings, etc. (Deut. 17:18-19, Pro. 11:20)
  • are faithful and responsible members of the family, not involved in extra-marital affairs or domestic abuse (Deut. 17:17a, 1 Tim. 3:2)


Check the candidates’—

  • beliefs on truth, justice, and human rights
  • attitude toward people, especially those who are poor, sick, differently abled, juvenile, elderly, women, disadvantaged, and marginalized
  • transparency, especially their SALN and campaign fund sources and spending
  • stand on issues such as divorce, same-sex marriage, SOGIE, abortion, etc.


  • Research on the candidates.
    • Profile and background: Do they have the skills, training, and competence required of the position they’re running for?
    • Track record: Have they performed their duties in the previous positions they’ve held? Have they delivered their promises and acted on their platforms?
    • Plans and platforms: Do they have concrete, actionable, and sensible plans to address the country’s present needs?
  • Research on the most crucial issues our nation is facing. Understand the issues to better analyze the proposed plans and platforms of the candidates.


Vote with biblical, moral, and factual conviction.

Vote for the right candidates.

Vote for God and for country.


“I want to serve the purpose of God in my generation.”

These words filled the worship hall of JIL Prayer Garden last April 2, 2022 as the 138 graduates from the Shepherding Ministry Course of the Bro. Eddie School of Ministries International (BESMI) sang their song of commitment during the graduation ceremony.

For ten years now, BESMI has been training JIL pastors, would-be pastors, and future leaders. But this year’s graduation was monumental because this was the first batch to be composed of entirely young people. All the graduates were either from the Kristiyanong Kabataan para sa Bayan (KKB) or the Young Adult Network (Y-AN).



We began the year with lockdowns, rapid rise in COVID-19 cases, and a flood of prayer requests for healing. The world, the Philippines, even the Church is battered. But our Hope is not.

This is what the participants from JIL churches all over the Philippines and all over the world proved when they gathered in the overflowing Zoom rooms last February 3, 2022 for the annual Vision Casting. More than a thousand pastors, church coordinators, and core leaders of the 15 operations of the JIL ministry joined online with expectant hearts and hope-filled spirits.

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JIL marks 43rd anniversary as year of “God’s Triumphant Hope”

AMID the COVID-19 pandemic, the Jesus Is Lord Church Worldwide celebrates its 43rd founding anniversary with another unforgettable celebration online and onsite this Saturday, October 30.

Led by President and Spiritual Director Bro. Eddie Villanueva, the JIL family from all parts of the world gathers once again in rejoicing and extolling God’s great goodness and faithfulness in allowing the ministry to not just survive but thrive even during these particularly trying times.

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JIL Worship Empowerment 2021

Last May 22, 2021, the JIL Worship held a special online event entitled “JIL Worship Empowerment,” where thousands of Worship Arts Network (WAN) ministers from all over the Philippines and all over the world received fresh revelations from the Lord via Zoom and Facebook group live stream.

The objective of the event was to empower worship ministers as they pursue their calling amid a pandemic. The keynote speakers were Ptr. Sam Binalla, JIL Worship Director, Ptr. Joey Crisostomo, Bro. Eddie School of Ministries International Director, and Ptr. Bobot Bernardo, JILCW’s Executive Director.

Indeed, this was a milestone in the history of JILCW’s music ministry, a proof that no pandemic can hinder God’s ministers in giving the worship that is due Him.
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What you need to know about COVID-19 Vaccination

We heard you ask, so here’s our take on COVID-19 vaccination.

We believe in God’s power to protect, to heal, and to save. We also believe that He uses medical science as one tool to protect, heal, and save us from threats such as COVID-19.

Does that mean we should get the vaccine? Read on.

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“Prepared for 2021, Prepared for eternity!” This is the declaration of the almost 2,000 pastors, church coordinators, fulltime staff, and Christian Youth for the Nations (CYN) core leaders from all over the Philippines and the world who joined together via Zoom and Workplace for the Vision Casting of the Jesus Is Lord Church Worldwide (JILCW) last February 17, 2021, 8:00 pm PST.
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