JIL Church St. Francis Square Grand Opening

October 16, 2014

The Jesus Is Lord (JIL) Church Worldwide is delighted to announce the opening of a new house of worship dedicated to the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ. It will be at the very heart of Metro Manila, standing proudly in the very midst of the hustle and bustle of the Ortigas financial and central business district.

Housed in a building dubbed as “a masterpiece of visual symmetry,” the Jesus Is Lord Church St. Francis Square is located at 3rd Floor St. Francis Square Mall Julia Vargas Ave cor. Bank Drive, Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong City, Philippines. With its elegant design and smart interiors, one is tempted to think that it was designed to attract business. But instead of attracting businesses of any sort, it is now meant to attract souls…people who have forever sought Peace, Joy and Blessings. With this newest house of worship are both opportunity and responsibility to bring God nearer to those who seek Him.

Come and worship with us on October 26, Sunday, 9 A.M., and together, let us meet Jesus, the Prince of Peace, the Fullness of Joy and the Blessed, the King of kings and Lord of lords!

Mark your calendars. Then come and be blessed!

Unbreakable Legacy

By: Ariza Aquilizan

I think I speak for all the delegates when I say that the CYN Summit 2013 has started an unbreakable legacy for us. We are forever changed; and like the memories of our experience, we want to share this with the generations to come after us.

As I am writing this article, I am almost lost for words. I cannot even begin to describe what I experienced and what I saw with my physical and spiritual eyes. Blessed and anointed speakers sharing powerful messages and beautiful reminders, unforgettable encounters with the Lord, meeting new people and strengthening bonds between acquainted brothers and sisters. My time in the Summit was definitely a pleasing memory that I will remember forever.

Those who have gone before us in the Jesus is Lord (JIL) Church, our parents, pastors and leaders, paved the way for such legacy. They ushered in the strong moves of the Holy Spirit. We have seen them serve God wholeheartedly; witnessed them rise up from unbelievable crises, and seen them perform miracles by the grace of God. We have felt the presence of God through their lives. They started this church, this family. Having said these, we are ready to carry on with the pleasing and humbling burden now resting on our shoulders. Just as Moses had Joshua stepped in his shoes, our church leaders have passed on to us JIL’s glorious legacy. It is now our time.

So what was it really that was passed on to us? We now share the enormous responsibility to raise a generation who knows Jesus and what He has done for us. It is now our time to empower the young and old people. We now continue the call of God in the ministry.

Experiencing the summit

What I experienced, felt, heard and saw during the Summit shook everything in me. For instance, everyone saw Pastor Joey Crisostomo miraculously and immediately healed sprained ankles and wrists. I mean, how is that even possible, right? Beyond doubt, we saw how God lent His power to his servant. I asked some youths to describe their Summit experience and these are what they said:

“It was innovative; ground-breaking!”

“My summit experience will stay in my memory forever”

We learned to examine ourselves and look at where we stand and where we want to be. The speakers reminded us about the qualities God seeks for in a person; about the dependence and importance of our obedience and faithfulness in serving God here on earth. In the summit manual, we received an encouraging letter from our Spiritual Director, Bro. Eddie Villanueva. He spoke of taking on challenges and how we should forge ahead and push forward.

Challenges are terrifying, that is why we need a constant reminder to not fear them. That also means that we need to remember who we are and who God truly is in our lives. During the summit, we were all reminded that we were not in a playground or funhouse, but we are in a battlefield (that explains all the challenges). It was such a significant declaration when our CYN International Director, Pastor Jovi Villanueva, read a poem called “A soldier in the army of God”. The poem spoke about enduring the challenges, claiming the victory and marching heaven-bound. It was a poem about an army that admits no defeat, an army hell cannot handle; it was a poem about us.

Messages from God

Day 1

CHRIST LEGACY: The first speaker was Pastor Joey Crisostomo. He was supposed to share about the legacy of Christ, but the minute he sensed the Holy Spirit, the Summit agenda shifted its course. Before we knew it, we were all kneeling down, giving God our rawest shouts of praise and worship. And let me tell you, the encounter did not stop there. We were constantly filled with God’s Spirit throughout our time in the Summit.

Days 2 and 3

THE LEGACY OF DOCTRINAL CERTAINTY& OUR IDENTITY IN CHRIST: Doctrines lead you to the realization of your true identity in Christ. It becomes a mirror that reflects the real you. Pastor Bobot Bernardo shared about the certainty of our identity in God. It was an important message for all of us. The enemy loves to tempt us, young people, and manipulate our minds. Why? Because we are in search for our identity. We search for places where we can belong. We look for people who can accept us for who we are. And sometimes, we search in the wrong places. God tells us that the certainty of our identity is based on two realities: (1) We are sinners saved by GRACE. We are nothing, but praise God for His love for us! And (2), We are servants called by the master.We are serving the King of all kings. What an honor! We should be proud of standing out like an oak tree in a wheat field. Our identity is in Christ (no wonder we don’t feel like we belong with other people), so let us all shine for His awesome glory.

WORSHIP NIGHT: The worship night on Day 3 was led by Pastor Bobot Bernardo. He told us about worship, and how the levels or qualities of our worship depends on our personal relationship with God: (1) Primary – seeing God as the Creator; (2) Secondary – seeing God as the Doer of good things), (3) Tertiary – seeing God as the Hope of the future, and finally, the Graduate Level – the passion to see God. Worship is based on the reality that God is God. When we give Him worship, we are basically giving Him what’s rightfully His: Glory.

Day 4

We had tons of fun on the fourth day! The delegates explored Rome in groups. We went sightseeing and food hunting. We also got the chance to know each other more, create new bonds and strengthen the ones we already had.This day was all about learning to stick together as a team.

JOINING ANOTHER MAN’S MINISTRY: Just as God hand-picked your family members for you, He placed you in your church for a good reason. We don’t pick our ministry, God does. We have all heard about churches that crumble for lack of bonding. They split because they no longer work effectively as a team. During the session with Pastor Bong Gonzales, we were taught how to avoid such problems. In order to work as a team, we need to recognize our leaders and serve them. We need to remember that God placed our leaders above us for a purpose. So stand firm, everything goes according to His plan. All we need to do is keep up and remember that the keys are obedience and faith.

Day 5

THE LEGACY OF A CHRISTIAN CALLING: We were privileged enough to listen to Pastor Jovi Villanueva, our very own CYN International Director, share about the legacy of a Christian calling. Grace is an unmerited favor. Despite sins, God has given us the amazing grace that allows us to still serve him. Imagine having personal servants who always fail to meet your expectations! (What a disaster!) God is the kind of master who have such servants, but still He never gives up on them, on us.  Why? Because He doesn’t call the qualified, but qualifies the called! God’s calling involves suffering and persecution, but that is what the calling is all about: Enduring them. And we choose to endure them because it’s worth it! God rewards faithful lives with serenity and storied legacies. Live and die peacefully. But there’s so much more than that. Contrary to what we would hope, good people aren’t exempt from violence, torture and affliction. We just need not to be intimidated. We just need to focus on our calling and our reward. Remember, without challenges, there will be no victory. “There is no oil without squeezing the olives, no wine without pressing the grapes and no fragrance without crushing the flowers.”

THE LEGACY OF FIXATION: Another topic shared on the fifth day was about the fixation on Jesus. The hilarious Pastor Bong Infante told us that nothing and no one can touch our relationship with God as long as we continue to stand firm in Him. If we fix our eyes on Jesus, it will be easier to complete His calling, His purpose and plan for our lives. Tomorrow is already prepared, all we need is to settle down and not fear. When we learn to not fear we grow stronger, and when we grow stronger we will be able to resist the works of the enemy. So how do we remain hooked on Jesus? There are few key points: Spiritual discipline, faithfulness to God, and living by the example of courage. Courage emerges, not from increased security, but from enhanced spiritual maturity. We learned that we can choose not to fear those who harm us and focus on God instead. Just like boy scouts, we are to look at danger and study it, but not be afraid. God allowed only one fear, and that is the fear of the Lord.

BREAKOUT SESSION: THE LEGACY OF THE CHRISTIAN MISSION: We also learned about the Christian mission, which is to expand God’s kingdom on earth. It is our duty to make people aware of God, sin, the Gospel, God’s kingdom and Jesus as Christ. Life has a purpose, and God saved us all for the purpose of good works. Our true mission is to fulfil the call to make disciples and make Jesus famous. Pastor Emil Galang warned us about the danger of the “Triple S”: Saved, seated and satisfied. We need to step out of our comfort zone in order to reach out to other people.

THE LEGACY OF THE CHRISTIAN HOPE: Pastor Bobot Bernardo told us about the life of Paul, who was steadfast in his hope. In 2 Timothy 4:6, the apostle Paul saw his death coming.  He was ready to die for the cause of Christ and considered death as a gift leading to eternal life with God. Just like Paul, we learned that our highest treasure is to claim our eternal life with Christ. We can experience this because of the redeeming blood of Jesus. The crown of righteousness is in store for us which God will reward us with one day, and that includes everyone who have longed for His appearing.

Day 6

COMMISSIONING SERVICE: All throughout the Bible, we read about God calling and anointing people to do His work. Anointing is about the presence and power of God manifesting in, upon or through a person’s life by the Holy Spirit. God imparts His ability upon available and yielded vessels to fulfil and carry out His will and purpose. Anointing produces power, that is why Jesus prioritized, honored, ministered upon, imparted, treasured and protected the anointing. On the last day of the Summit, the pastors anointed the delegates with oil, and at that moment we felt God’s power manifest in our lives. What an experience!

I believe the delegates have grown stronger and wiser since the Summit. I mean, we were privileged enough to have listened to so many anointed and humble pastors. The messages from God were so precious. We even experienced seeing the pastors kneel before every PK (Pastor’s Kid) present in the room. The way they shared their testimonies really painted a picture. I will never understand how that must have felt for the PKs, but that was absolutely a prophetic gesture to remember.

”Rev. Ptr. Bobot Bernardo gave the most eye-opening and heart-changing teaching I had ever heard in my life (and that’s quite a lot considering I grew up in church!). He shared the most authentic and legit testimony as the life of a Pastor, living a dual role as minister and parent. In fact, his testimony was so transparent that I began to see things from his perspective. It was heart-breaking, yet love-compelling – so poignant, but sincerely dispensed. My entire outlook of being a PK suddenly turned (thank God!). After the session, I could not help but gather every courageous cell in my body and shake the hand of Ptr. Joey Crisostomo and Ptr. Bobot to simply say “Thank you for letting us see things from a pastor/parent’s point of view.

”… thank you Pastor dads and moms for doing the best you can. Loving God more than your family is highly admirable.”

– Sheryl Palmero

I thank God for opening our eyes and teaching us how to see things in different perspectives. Indeed, we have learned to honor the past. Thanks to our many mentors, pastors and leaders who have empowered us to shine. The CYN are chosen to lead because our leaders believe in us. I continue to pray that Jesus will be reflected in our good deeds and transformed lives.
The reality is that the things God showed us during the Summit were extraordinary. I believe the testimonies are endless, and I know that we have all found a new life, as well as our identity as an anointed generation. Our legacy is, indeed, grand.

Living out this legacy comes with its challenges. How will we keep ourselves and the ministry humble and grateful in the midst of compliments and successes? How can we make sure that Jesus Christ will remain the center of it all? This is our adventure, and it’s our duty to navigate through. We don’t know what tomorrow will bring. But blessings or trials, we are excited to press on forward to see God’s glory shine across the earth in greater ways than ever before. We will come against the enemy with a bang, because believe me, the CYN are extremely loud and dynamic.

We have learned and seen a lot during our stay in Rome. And now, we are ready to work to continue with the legacy, and all the glory will be given to Jesus as we make His name famous!

Ariza Aquilizan is a member of CYN from JIL Oslo/Bergen, Norway.

YAM’s 7th Anniversary in Hong Kong!

With only a few months to go, YAMs all over the country and the world are getting ready for the 7th Anniversary of the Jesus is Lord Church – Young Adult Ministry, happening in Hong Kong on August 24-26, 2013.

In line with theme verse Psalm 2:8

“Ask me, and I will make the nations your inheritance, the ends of the earth your possession,”

YAM and its leaders venture out into a call for greater faith, as Young Adults of the church reach for their calling to be a blessing to other nations. In the hope of gathering the YAM leaders and members from the Philippines and all over the world, the three-day event shall take place in Hong Kong, an area where there are many Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) currently residing. Hong Kong is also a valuable area for the Jesus is Lord church, for it is there that the international churches of JIL started.

The three day event will include the following exciting activities aimed to glorify God and strengthen the young adults of this generation. On August 24 (Sat), there shall be a whole day conference for the YAMs equipping them with knowledge, wisdom and strength from the Word of God. It includes topics from various speakers like our very own Ptr. Bobot Bernardo and Dr. Mila Lily Mercader of Mighty Dove Financial Group.

The event does not end with just receiving God’s blessings, it also entails the Young Adults to share what they receive through ministering to our fellow Filipinos and other residents of Hong Kong on August 25 (Sun). It is a great time to know the plight of our kababayans in other countries and extend to them God’s love through prayer and sharing God’s word. After these activities, YAMs would also have time to enjoy Hong Kong on August 26 (Mon) by visiting tourist spots of their choice like Macau, Disneyland or Ocean Park. In this way, they could also have a time to bond with the other YAMs from other provinces or countries.

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t miss out on this milestone event. Elevate your faith in the God who provides. Book your flights now! Also, registration is already open, and you can pay in full or installment. Contact us for further information about lodging and registration. Also, see our NOTES page for updates and answers to your FAQs.

You may text/call : Ms. Jo Causapin at 0933.3547426 or 0916.6158136. 

Again, don’t miss this opportunity to expand your horizon, learn more about God, minister to our fellow Filipinos and be a blessing to many nations! Register now for only P3,500 (exclude airfare and hotel accommodation)

The Glorious Acquisition of JIL MPC

There came a revelation of the thoughts of purchasing a bigger facility like the place of UCC (Ukrainian Community Centre, which we used as Miracle Service. It was just a plain talk, conversation, talking it one time when Pastor Bong Gonzales said, “what if we buy this place?”  It may not be a dream, but it is just a “what if” and “why not” He is a man of Vision and Mission! To him nothing is difficult to say, because to his God, nothing is impossible to do!  Amen!

On July 10, 2011 after the JIL International Congress in Vancouver, we hold our service at UCC with Sis. Soc Garcia and Ptr. Bobot Bernardo as our guests.  While Mam Soc was greeting the JIL people, a power outage happened.  The same day, we found out that the UCC is for sale!  This is the work of God!  Glory to God!

The following year, sometime in April 2012 the EMB (Executive Management Board) came to visit Ontario, Canada. It was with great joy and blessing to have them visit the place UCC. In the same year, in September, our very own Bishop Bro. Eddie Villanueva stepped upon the place, laid hands and prayed.  In God’s faithfulness, the time has come in a year of prayers, negotiation and with both the blessings of the Executive Bishop and the EMB; it all came into fulfillment. God is Amazing!

 Psalm 40:5 (NIV)   Many, Lord my God, are the wonders you have done, the things you planned for us.
           None can compare with you; were I to speak and tell of your deeds, they would be too many to declare.
Psalm 111:6 (NIV) He has shown his people the power of His works, giving them the lands of other nations.
Thank you, Lord for the marvelous works You have done!

April 3, 2013 marked one of the most amazing and uplifting events in the lives of the Pastors, Church Coordinators and Staff of the NOAH2 (Ontario) – The “keys” was handed to Pastor Bong Gonzales together with some of the Church leaders and staff.  The keys to open every door of UCC-the new acquired property of the JIL Church in Toronto! Which will be called JILMPC (JIL Multipurpose center).  The place is so huge!  Many room potential for not only for church activities but also for community services like Day-Care, English Courses, Women’s Association, Sport’s clinic, Feed the Hungry, the JIL Christian School, Printing Press, Media and Studio, and many more! The JILMPC will impact the neighborhood and nearby cities! All for the glory of God!

The JILMPC will hold its first Sunday Worship Service as official on April 14, 2013.  And very soon, the launching of the ‘I Care Foundation International’ and the ‘CYN Worship Service’!  Our God is alive!

We have seen remarkable miracles happened in the JIL Church and in the JIL Family!  One thing for sure, God is seeing!  God is hearing!  God is working!  He is the Great Provider! Halleluiah!  The JILMPC is the first ever acquired by the JIL Church in Canada, or I say in Noah (North America Hemisphere) that set everyone’s heart and hopes with more greater faith for God`s great glory!  Our Faith comes by hearing God and His Word, the more you confess that promises with your mouth, the more faith you are building.  Continue to have this ‘faith’ in our eyes, in our ears, in our hearts and confess with our mouth – God wants everyone not only to be consistent but also persistent.  Praise God!

The Year of 2013 is the Year of the Lord’s Favour!  Congratulations to everyone!  God bless! All Glory belongs to God! God said, “I will look on you with favor and make you fruitful and increase your numbers, and I will keep my covenant with you.” – Leviticus 26:9


Written by Pastor Babes Ocampo for jilcanada.com

Source: http://blog.jilcanada.com/2013/04/JIL-MPC.html?spref=fb

JIL Calamba’s 25th Anniversary

Also part of the celebration was the presentation of JIL Calamba’s history. Founded in 1986, its history is replete with milestones that demonstrate how the Lord has faithfully blessed and enlarged His ministry in Calamba City. From this city, the JIL Church is continuously expanding to nearby towns. Then, with a common purpose of giving God greater honor, JIL Calamba challenged its leaders, workers and congregation to join God’s mighty army in the city.

“Give honor to whom honor is due. First and foremost, we must remember that God deserves the greater honor,” emphasized Bro. Eddie.

From Hebrews 3:3, Bro. Eddie talked about the honor that the Lord Jesus Christ deserves, that it must be greater than anyone’s. Jesus, who is a Co-Creator of the heavens and the earth, abandoned His Kingship and profoundly offered His Life to relentlessly follow the will of the Father. His passion to fulfil the will of God truly brought God greater glory and honor, Bro. Eddie further said.

He also gave the example of Moses’ life on how to live in order to honor God. In Moses’s excellent example of self-abnegation, he chose to endure disgrace for the sake of God. (Hebrews 11:24-26)

The celebration was led by Rev. Virgie Hernandez, Church Pastor of JIL Calamba and concurrent Director of the Central Operations of the JIL Church Worldwide. Central Operations cover Metro Manila and the nearby provinces of Rizal, Cavite, Laguna and Bulacan. Pastors from other Christian churches in Laguna also joined in the celebration.