One in Christ’s POWER

You, dear children, are from God and have overcome them, because the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world. (1 John 4:4)

Turned water into wine. Multiplied the bread and the fish. Walked on water. Calmed raging storms. Healed multitudes of sick people. Raised the dead to life. Was Himself raised from dead to life. All these—and more—show the power of Jesus Christ. Of the One who is in us.

So, whatever battles we may face in this life, as children of God, already, we have overcome. Already, our struggles are turned into victories and our resources, multiplied. Already, we are walking above that sea of problems and the raging storms in our hearts, calmed. Already, we are healed and our dull and dead lives, revived. Because of Jesus Christ.

One in Christ’s CHARACTER

Imitate God, therefore, in everything you do, because you are his dear children. (Ephesians 5:1)

To call ourselves Christians is one thing, to be called Christians is another. It means being recognized by others as Christians. It means that we are being true to our label, that we are living out the testimony, that we are reflecting Christ’s character.

So more than just telling the world about Christ, let us show them. Through our actions and reactions, through our choices and priorities, through our way of life, may the people around us indeed see that Christ is in us.

One in Christ’s SUFFERING

I want to know Christ—yes, to know the power of his resurrection and participation in his sufferings, becoming like him in his death, (Philippians 3:10)

When it comes to the fullness of life found in Christ, it is easy to say, “I am one in Christ.” But when it comes to taking up His cross—when it comes to walking in His path of self-effacement and humiliation and rejection and anguish and death—are we as willing to say, “I am one in Christ”?

May it be that when life gets hard, we be found all the more trusting in Christ, all the more yielding to Him. May it also be that when we get wounded, even crushed, we be all the more—and with gladness—cling to the Cross, to Christ.

One in Christ’s MIND

You were taught, with regard to your former way of life, to put off your old self, which is being corrupted by its deceitful desires; to be made new in the attitude of your minds; and to put on the new self, created to be like God in true righteousness and holiness. (Ephesians 4:22-24)

Several thoughts cross our minds every single day, with one study claiming the number to be around 70,000. While that number is staggering enough, more than the number of thoughts, what is important is the quality of our thoughts. Because all those 70,000 thoughts are hidden from men. No one sees our thoughts. We may easily say one thing, but think another.

So, as people who are one in Christ, let our innermost thoughts be aligned with Christ’s. Let us choose thoughts that are right and pure over thoughts that are wrong and evil. Because what we think is who we are.

One in Christ’s HEART

A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another. (John 13:34-35)

If we would follow the trail of Jesus’ footsteps, these are what we would see: from heaven to earth… towards the sick, the poor, the weak, and the outcast… among the vilest of sinners… all the way to the Cross, to Calvary, to the grave.

Why? Because Jesus’ heart beats for souls. To the point of leaving heaven and becoming like man… to the point of taking the sins of humankind and with that, the wrath of the Father… to the point of going through the agony of the crucifixion and succumbing to the hands of death—just so we could be reconciled to the Father.

If such is the depth and extent of Jesus’ heart for souls, how about ours? If we claim to be one in Christ, do our hearts also beat for souls? Up to what extent? Are we willing to be inconvenienced by others? To sacrifice for others?

One in Christ’s VISION

Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths. (Proverbs 3:5-6)

We all have our goals and dreams, bucket lists and to-do lists, envisioned life and future. Those are well and good, but have we stopped to think if those are what the Lord wants for us?

Before we plan for the year, let us first consider His plans. Because while our plans are good, His are perfect. Besides, none of us has a view of what lies ahead; Jesus does. And not only does He see the future, He holds it.

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Jesus is Lord over my SOUL

If you declare with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. (Romans 10:9)

After our lungs stop breathing and our heart stops beating, our physical body ceases to be.

But not our soul. Unconquerable by death, the human soul lives on… in another world. Or rather, in either of two worlds: heaven or hell. Eternal joy or eternal despair.

The good news is, the key to heaven had already been given to us. Jesus Christ had already given His life for us. Jesus Christ had already died on the Cross and, then, after three days, rose up from the dead. Jesus Christ had already taken up His place at the right of the Father in heaven.

The question now is: Would we use the key? Would we confess that Jesus IS Lord and believe that God raised Him from the dead?

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Jesus is Lord over the WORLD

For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. (Isaiah 9:6)

How did Jesus come to be Lord of the whole world? Did He come as a royalty, with glittering gold and glistening gemstones? Or did He come as a valiant warrior, adorned with the skulls of those whom he killed in battle ?

No. He came—of all forms—as a baby. A dependent little baby.

Why would Jesus come vulnerable and small? Because He came to rule the world not through a display of power or of affluence, but through a display of humility. Of love.

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Jesus is Lord over my CHURCH

And God placed all things under his feet and appointed him to be head over everything for the church, which is his body, the fullness of him who fills everything in every way. (Ephesians 1:22-23)

To be the lips that proclaim the Good News of salvation… the feet that go where the needy are… the ears that listen to cries of distress and oppression… the hands that are open to give and to help… and the arms that embrace the different and welcome the undesirable.

Those are our roles. Not just as part of the Jesus Is Lord Church Worldwide, but more so, as part of THE Church, the body of believers. We who were once sinners, but now forgiven. We who were once lost, but now saved. We who were once outside the fold, but now taken in graciously and mercifully.

The question now is: How are we faring as members of God’s Body? May those outside the Body indeed see that we are God’s lips, feet, ears, hands, and arms.

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Jesus is Lord over my VICTORIES

Not to us, Lord, not to us but to your name be the glory, because of your love and faithfulness. (Psalm 115:1)

Clever, strong, and skilled. If we would look at the medals we have collected in school, the trophies we have earned in competitions, the promotions we have obtained at work, the wealth we have amassed in our business ventures, the accolades we have received from people, even the badges we have won in life’s battles, we are clever. Strong. Skilled.

But not in and of ourselves. Our intelligences, our abilities, our talents—even our time and our life—are gifts. Loans. If God had not given us fully-functioning brains or resilient bodies, if He had not designed us with those specific skills, if He had not deemed us worthy of another day, even hour, we wouldn’t have accomplished anything. We only use what God has loaned us.

So, like the psalmist, let us say: “Not to us, Lord, but to your name be the glory!”

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