Declaration of the JIL Church Worldwide Distinctives


The JILCW believes that the church to be raptured is a glorious church: without spot, wrinkle or blemish and is an embodiment of the following attributes:

  1. Worshipping Church

    We are a Church that consistently takes part in experiences of GOD’s love and forgiveness and is unashamed to present our love to GOD.

    As a Church, we seek to lead others to truly see, hear and experience GOD’s presence and to show how they, too, can be confident in discovering, responding and expressing their love to GOD.

  2. Healing Church

    We are a Church that testifies to the holistic healing that GOD gives to the hurt, the sick and the lost.

    As a Church, we recognize the power and willingness of the Great Physician to heal the physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual wounds of every man, woman and child and thus undertake to be used as both testimonies and instruments of GOD’s healing ministry.

  3. Soul-Winning Church

    We are a Church whose heart feels the heartbeat of GOD for the salvation of perishing souls.

    As a Church, we exemplify a lifestyle of evangelism so that souls are won for the eternal Kingdom of GOD.

  4. Praying Church

    We are a Church whose backbone and life blood is Prayer.
    As a Church, together with the Body of CHRIST, we fight the good fight of faith in prayer and fasting, intercession and spiritual warfare with corresponding action.

  5. Visionary Church

    We are a Church with glorious prophetic destiny.
    As a Church, we endeavor to reach the realization of GOD’s glorious Vision through wholehearted obedience, devotion and commitment, Spirit-led and strategic planning under His Divine Enablement.

    As a Church, we believe we cannot do anything apart from GOD, but we can do all things through CHRIST who strengthens us.

  6. Spirit-Filled Church

    We are a Church whose way of life is to seek out the Spirit’s baptism as well as His anointing in everything – praying, sharing, preaching, teaching, listening, performing, writing and so forth.

    As a Church, we humbly submit to the guidance and power of the Holy Spirit in doing the works of GOD in the church and society.

  7. Nation-Loving Church

    We are a Church called to zealously love our country, believing that every nation must be under the Lordship of JESUS CHRIST.

    As a Church, we accept our divine mandate to love our country by influencing and transforming every pillar of society – church and family, government, business and economics, education, science and technology, media and entertainment, arts, and environment – through programs, projects and other ways and means that trumpet truth, justice and righteousness.

  8. Faith-filled Church

    We are a Church that puts our absolute trust in the revelation and power of the Living GOD.

    As a Church, we live with absolute confidence on GOD’s sovereignty and guidance, acknowledging His power, knowledge and presence in every part of our life.

  9. Prophetic Church

    We are a Church who firmly believes that our GOD also reveals His Word, will and instructions through His genuine Prophet to the nation and the Body of CHRIST.

    As a Church, we recognize GOD’s commands and revelations and pursue the fulfillment of His glorious plan for the Church and nation.

  10. Apostolic Church

    We are a Church that submits to spirit of apostolic leadership established and ordained by the Living GOD through JESUS CHRIST.

    As a Church, we operate and experience the blessings of the five-fold ministry gifts that empower our dynamic apostolic church gloriously reflecting the character and power of the Living GOD and effectively reaching all parts of the world through evangelism and church planting.

  11. Giving Church

    We are a Church that faithfully lives according to the Biblical principle teaching us that it is more blessed to give than to receive.

    As a Church, we seize every opportunity to selflessly and cheerfully give to His Ministry and to the people in need.

  12. Serving Church

    We are a Church that follows the example set by our LORD JESUS CHRIST in genuine humility and Godly servanthood.

    As a Church, we devise and spearhead programs and projects that enable us to passionately serve God, His Ministry, our country and the rest of the world.

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