Pastor Daddy is my “superhero”

By Sheryl Palmero

I thought that I had already seen every good deed of a pastor. But I was wrong. Sincerely wrong. It’s been over a week since the most personal and jaw-dropping sight of a prophetic gesture I ever witnessed in my Christian life.

The humility of pastors was explicitly experienced the moment they knelt before every Pastor’s Kid (PK) present at Ergife Hotel, Rome, Italy. I was shocked. I trembled. I welled into tears and shivered like never before. There was a sudden tremor that moved every vein in my body. (No, I’m not exaggerating.) I couldn’t even look at them. I was so ashamed. I bent down and inhaled deeply as my heart felt like pounding out of my chest. Tears shed at a speed I could no longer control. Who was I for them to be knelt before…

Rev. Ptr. Bobot Bernardo gave the most eye-opening and heart-changing teaching I had ever heard in my life (and that’s quite a lot considering I grew up in church!). He shared the most authentic and legit testimony as the life of a Pastor, living a dual role as minister and parent. In fact, his testimony was so transparent that I began to see things from his perspective. It was heart-breaking, yet love-compelling – so poignant, but sincerely dispensed. My entire outlook of being a PK suddenly turned (thank God!). After the session, I could not help but gather every courageous cell in my body and shake the hand of Ptr. Joey Crisostomo and Ptr. Bobot to simply say “Thank you for letting us see things from a pastor/parent’s point of view.”

So I don’t know if any pastor will ever read this, but allow me to publicly say: I SALUTE you for embracing your call despite the hardships and non-stop persecutions. I SALUTE you for facing every challenge with an unshakable faith. I SALUTE you for being selfless and putting everyone else’s needs before your own. I SALUTE you for loving God more than your wife (or husband) and children! It may not always be as easy for the family, but seriously… thank you Pastor dads and moms for doing the best you can. Loving God more than your family is highly admirable.

I guess I can speak for most, if not all PKs, that we are sorry. We are sorry that we were so caught up in our own PK-bubble that we forget that when birthdays are spent alone; graduation dates are forgotten; parent-teacher meetings are missed; our own names are mixed up; counselling comes first before holiday dinners; family times are not prioritized, and all our resources are used for others…  there are families being RESTORED, people are PRAYED for, brokenness is HEARD, HEALING takes place, SALVATION is offered, individuals are SAVED, lives are TRANSFORMED, perspectives are CHANGED, LOVE is given, FAITH is increased, and most of all, JESUS’ NAME IS MADE FAMOUS! Wooow.

Beyond the PK life under a microscope, double standards, identity crisis and (unusually) high expectations (so help us, God), our pastor-parents have left the legacy of genuine faith. We may not have always appreciated their work, nor supported them at all times, but after a life-changing PK session at the CYN Summit 2013, allow us to say – “Pastor Daddy/Mommy, we promise to do our best to take care of your legacy of a good name and to carry on with the legacy of selfless service and increasing faith.” (Ain’t that right, PKs?!) We may never match up to your noble and valiant works, but without doubt, I would consider myself extremely blessed if only I could reach half of what these pastors have done for the Lord.

It does shatter my heart to pieces that growing up as a PK, I had never seen things from my dad’s angle. But after a decade of hating being a PK (yes, that’s how much I denied it), I can finally say – I embrace my calling to be a Pastor’s Kid. I now agree, I AM blessed and privileged to be a PK. After all, I didn’t choose to be a PK – GOD DID!

Thank you pastors – the Shepherd of flocks, ministers to the church, counselor of many, advisers in confusion, servants of the Most High; teachers, lawyers, mechanics, nurses, janitors (yup, pastoring is like an all-in-one profession!) and the ones who do the most (but are the least recognized!), the ones who are most hurt (and always ignored!)… and in my opinion, the best description of all – the LIVING SUPERHEROES on the face of the earth, following Jesus’ footsteps!
Glory to God… because Pastor daddy is my superhero!

Sheryl Palmero is from JIL Baerum, Norway.
She’s a youth leader and the youngest daughter of Ptr. Gilbert Palmero of JIL Europe.

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