Unstoppable: JIL pastors gather online amidst COVID-19 pandemic

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No virus, pandemic, or lockdown could stop JIL pastors from praising God and seeking His voice.

That is what the JIL church pastors from all over the Philippines and all over the world proved when they gathered online last Saturday, May 2, 2020 at 8:00pm (PH time). The first of its kind within the JILCW, the Special Online Worship and Healing Service (WHS) was conducted simultaneously in two platforms: through Zoom and through Workplace.

Although it was a virtual gathering, it was as real and as powerful as any actual JIL WHS—and more. Because of the distance and separation, the pastors were more excited to be together in spirit. As a matter of fact, minutes before the actual program started, they were already logged in and ready to participate.

“Seeing you is really encouraging. God bless you JILCW,” Ptr. Pauline Dee commented.

But more than the fellowship with one another, the gathering was a way to be in the presence of God as one pastoral body. The pastors were able to sing their hearts out to God during the praise and worship, which was led by couple Bro. Marlon and Sis. Joanne Oliveros. Their faith was also strengthened as they heard God’s voice through the preaching of Ptr. Joey Crisostomo, the Director of the Bro. Eddie School of Ministries International (BESMI).

“We love this way of fellowship. Thank you sa direction ng EMB/MIS. A very refreshing Word po, Ptr. Joey. I love my JIL family. Miss you all po. Praise God for the life of Kuya Eddie!” Ptr. Jess Maghacot testified.

The pastors also did not forget to pray and intercede for the Philippines, for the world, for the JIL people, and for the frontliners. The chain of prayers was led by Ptr. Adi Asi, Ptr. Silver Caballes, Ptr. Benny Alcantara, Ptr. Bong Infante, Ptr. Virgie Hernandez, Cong. Domeng Rivera, and Ptr. Dino Tobias.

Aside from the above, they also listened to the words of encouragement of Ptr. Jovi Villanueva-Binalla, the Director General of the International and Youth Affairs, and Ptr. Bobot Bernardo, the OIC Executive Director of the JIL Church Worldwide.

In the coming weeks, more online WHS for the pastors of JILCW will be held. Because, indeed, no virus, pandemic, or lockdown could stop them from praising God and seeking His voice.

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