Jesus Is Lord Church 37th Anniversary


1 John 5:4, Philippians 2:11

Declaring victory…

More than anything else, this is an expression of faith. Faith that the God who has done many signs, wonders and miracles in Araullo is the same God who moves in our present-day church… Faith that the different problems and conflicts our church has gone through has all worked together for our good… Faith that in the coming years, victories upon victories upon victories are still bound to happen in this church born in the very heart of God.

Exalting Jesus…

Because every victory must end in thanking the Source of all victories… Because the key to victory is allowing the God of all power to move… Because more than any victory, our church’s sole aim is to glorify Jesus, the name above every name.

So in our coming 37th anniversary, and in the years that will come, let us declare, “JESUS IS LORD!”

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