Disciples Making Disciples, Unfazed by the Pandemic

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When Jesus mandated His followers to make disciples of all nations, He did not promise a problem-free life. In fact, the early disciples endured trials–ridicule, mockery, imprisonment, and brutal deaths to name a few.

Similarly, Christians in the new age are not exempt from trials. For over two years now, the COVID-19 pandemic has placed the world on a near standstill. Mass gatherings have been prohibited, church services included. However, these restrictions have not hindered Jesus Is Lord Church Worldwide members in fulfilling God’s mandate to become ‘disciples making disciples.’ For this reason, new JIL church chapters were opened even during the COVID-19 pandemic.

JIL North London

Springing from two families conducting life group meetings since 2018, JIL members, through the supervision of Ptr. Emil Galang, persisted in preaching the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. They continued to hold Bible studies, life group meetings, prayer meetings, discipleship trainings, outdoor fellowship, and other similar activities.

The faithful commitment of the workers resulted in membership expansion. When the numbers reached more than 50, the need for a place to hold a local worship service arose. By God’s gracious provision of a venue, last August 1, 2021, the first Sunday worship service in North London was held.

JIL Church North London

JIL Havering (East London Outreach)

One family comprising a life group experienced multiplication and became one of the largest life groups in East London. Although government restrictions were in place, they did not stop from teaching and preaching the Gospel through online meetings.

Their persistence bore fruit. Last August 28, 2021, under Sis. Cathy Claridad’s leadership, the first face-to-face Bible study outreach meeting was launched in JIL Havering. It was attended by Filipinos and Europeans alike who are living and working in the area and nearby counties.

JIL Church Havering Outreach

JIL San Jose, California

JIL members living in San Jose, California decided to converge and hold life group meetings. This move, plus the fact that it was a community with an increasing Filipino population, JIL San Jose was born. As initiated by Bro. Daniel Cris Jose, the first worship and healing service in the area was held last March 15, 2020.

However, the spread of the COVID-19 virus prevented them from conducting face-to-face meetings. With God’s wisdom, they persevered by organizing online meetings to continue fulfilling the mission God gave the JIL Church.

JIL Church San Jose, California

JIL Pittsburg, California

From a life group of one family, JIL Pittsburg grew into a church when Bro. Leland Coloma and other leaders discovered that there were at least three other families residing in the area who are also JIL members. From there, the membership grew and in November 2020, the first worship and healing service was held.

JIL Church Pittsburg, California

JIL San Antonio, Texas

Following a vision from the Lord to plant churches in all states of the USA, Ptr. Cris Jose began planning. As the third most Filipino-populated state, Texas became their target. For two years, they prayed and conducted mission trips and spiritual mapping in the area.

In 2019, Ptr. Liza Asis was sent to plant a church. Her efforts bore fruit but the opening of the church was delayed for four months because of the pandemic. Finally, after months of working and waiting, JIL Texas commenced on July 12, 2020. The church continues to grow and is presently in a newly-leased place.

JIL Church San Antonio, Texas

JIL Gumi, South Korea

When JIL members from Daegu discovered that there were Filipino Christians in Gumi who were new in the faith but were left without a pastor due to the pandemic, they were filled with compassion. Eager to shepherd this new flock, they gathered JIL members who lived in Gumi to start an outreach there. The eagerness of the new believers and the passionate coordination of JIL workers led to the start of a worship service last September 2021.

Aside from the worship service, Bro. Cesar Mercado and the leaders also started life group gatherings in Gumi, another opportunity to harvest souls for God’s greater glory through the JIL Church.

Praise and glory be to God for giving JIL Church Worldwide leaders, workers, and members who are unfazed by the pandemic in upholding God’s mandate for the church. Whatever the circumstance, nothing will stop the JIL people from being disciples making disciples.

JIL Church Gumi, South Korea

Contact information:

JIL North London

Church Address: Harris Academy Tottenham, Ashley Rd, London N17 9LN Contact Person: Bro. Redemmer Visaya Email: [email protected] Contact Number: +44 7877 344708

JIL Havering (East London Outreach)

Church Address: c/o Central Harvest Church 20 St. Edward’s Way, Romford RM1 4DD Contact Person: Bro.Jojo De Vera Email: [email protected] Contact Number: +44 7576 350660

JIL San Jose, California

Pastor: Bro. Daniel Cris Jose Church Address: 635 N 6th Street, San Jose, CA 95112 Email: [email protected] Contact no.: 650-201-9479

JIL Pittsburg, California

Pastor: Bro. Leland Coloma Church Address: 200 E. Leland Rd., Pittsburg, CA 94565 Email: [email protected] Contact no.: 650-278-7093

JIL Texas

Pastor: Ptr. Liza Asis Church Address: 215 Richland and Hills Drive, San Antonio, Texas 78245 Email: [email protected] Contact no.: 6028729535

JIL Gumi, South Korea

Pastor: Bro. Cesar Mercado Church Address: Gumi City, Gyeoungbuk Province, Republic of Korea Contact no.: +8210-9685-8109

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