Revival during JIL WUSA’S Vision Casting and WIN Summit 2020

Ministry Updates

“Vision 300 by 2020 and beyond!”
That was the battle cry of everyone who attended the JIL West USA (JIL WUSA)’s Vision Casting and WIN Summit last January 23-25, 2020 held at JIL San Diego, CA.
On the first day of the event, the vision of JIL WUSA’s pastors and leaders was renewed, instilling in them the faith that every church in the JIL WUSA region would experience breakthroughs, great increase, harvest, and expansion—not just in numbers but, also, in signs, wonders and miracles.

For the next two days, their faith was strengthened, as God empowered them to fulfill the vision. The fire of God came upon the attendees, and many testified of renewed passion. There were those who, for a long time, had been in spiritual hibernation, but were revived. There were those who had been stagnant in their calling and in their ministry, but recommitted their lives to God.
The three-day event was marked not just by personal revival but, also, corporate revival as the attendees also recommitted themselves to the vision of God for the JIL Church.

With everything that happened, the pastors and leaders of JIL WUSA left the event revived, renewed, and full of faith that, through God’s power and anointing, those who need the touch of Jesus Christ would be drawn to the JIL churches in the WUSA region.

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