JIL Worship Empowerment 2021


Last May 22, 2021, the JIL Worship held a special online event entitled “JIL Worship Empowerment,” where thousands of Worship Arts Network (WAN) ministers from all over the Philippines and all over the world received fresh revelations from the Lord via Zoom and Facebook group live stream.

The objective of the event was to empower worship ministers as they pursue their calling amid a pandemic. The keynote speakers were Ptr. Sam Binalla, JIL Worship Director, Ptr. Joey Crisostomo, Bro. Eddie School of Ministries International Director, and Ptr. Bobot Bernardo, JILCW’s Executive Director.

Indeed, this was a milestone in the history of JILCW’s music ministry, a proof that no pandemic can hinder God’s ministers in giving the worship that is due Him.

Fore more photos, visit this link.

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