Christian Youth for the Nation (CYN) Paris Powerhouse on its 1st Anniversary

God is faithful to those who call on Him. He empowered the lives of these young people to declare His love and Word to the French, especially to the youth. Ptr. Vicky Tiesenhausen, one of the Regional Pastor of JIL Europe 1 was the guest speaker who anointed them with oil. The move of the Holy Spirit was very strong as they cried out to God surrendering their hearts.

– Julie Ubaldo

JILCW’s Awe-Inspiring Church Buildings: Where Faith and Passion Thrive

Deep hunger for God’s presence, unrelenting devotion to prayer and worship, burning passion to share the good news of salvation, selfless service to the poor and needy – these are what united Bro. Eddie and his fifteen students with one heart and under one Name, our Lord Jesus Christ.

We may call them extreme, and they really were. Willing to leave everything behind, they persevered in opening Bible studies in various colleges and universities where students were longing for a genuine encounter with God. Days and months passed, they could testify to one resounding truth: the miraculous work of God can never be defined by the strength and imagination of man. The Spirit-filled Bible studies expanded until they were held in streets and school quadrangles.

Yet this was merely the beginning of God’s glorious plans for the church. With God’s unstoppable move, Bro. Eddie and the pioneer leaders intensified their efforts to spread the good news of His saving grace to every possible place. They became so consumed with the mission. And because of this, they relegated to the sidelines all other concerns.

Establishing businesses could have helped the budding organization financially. With financial stability, church buildings could have been erected to house the members. But these were not their priorities. As long as there were opportunities for giving hope to the lost, they found real significance in their existence.

Hence the tag, the church without a roof.

Despite this, the roofless church continued to experience phenomenal growth as God’s signs, wonders and miracles pervaded every worship service and Bible study. As proven in the rich history of JIL Church, God’s plan was even greater than what the church expected. The overwhelming spiritual blessings were eventually followed by abundant material blessings. The Almighty God, with His overflowing love for the church, can never allow His beloved children to remain on the streets.

In fact, over the years, the JIL Church has acquired a number of world-class facilities here in the Philippines and around the world all through the endless provision of the Living God.

JIL Calapan City, Mindoro

JIL Laoag City

JIL Cabanatuan, Nueva Ecija

JIL Cornerstone, Toronto, Canada

JIL Australia

JIL Milan Italy

JIL International Center, Shek Kip Mei, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Praise Valley Camp Site, Norzagaray Bulacan

These church buildings have the ultimate purpose of becoming a dwelling place for God’s presence – where His people immerse in His nearness, witness signs, wonders and miracles, experience healing and restoration and enjoy fellowship with another. Spirit-filled places where Jesus is the real roof that lovingly protects the faithful. And God is not finished yet – for the JIL Church is anticipating the construction of a number of mega-churches in key cities in the Philippines and abroad.

Truly, if we look closely, extraordinary things have happened that led to the transformation of the JIL Church. Amidst all these, two things have remained: God’s faithfulness and JIL’s passion to share the gospel even to the farthest ends of the earth.

Steadfast faith and burning passion under the roof of these awe-inspiring church buildings – this is the inheritance of the young generation in the JIL Church. Now, the compelling challenge for them is to continue reaching out to the lost and leading them at the feet of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

All for the glory of our Living God!