If there was someone whom the general public disdained, it was him. He was, for them, a sinner beyond forgiveness—a money-whore. So everyone was shocked when, amongst the throng of crowd, he was singled out and told, “I must stay at your house today.” What was more shocking was the event that ensued: “Today salvation has come to this house…”

The bleeding woman… the grieving mother… and the corrupt Zacchaeus. They were all sick: one with a terminal disease, the other with bereavement, and the last with sin. Everyone thought that theirs was a hopeless case—until Someone came.

JEHOVAH RAPHA, the Lord who heals.

He who heals the gravest of diseases, the deepest of heartaches and, even, the vilest of sinners—not just because He can but, also, because He cares.

So believe in His power and His love so that, like them, you, too, will receive the healing that you need.

Jehovah Tsidkenu, the Lord our Righteousness

Through Him we are sanctified. From sinner to saint, not only are our sins forgiven, but our records wiped clean—from charcoal black to pristine white. Because His blood does not merely cover, but washes our sins away.

Through Him we are accepted. Instead of being doomed for death and eternal punishment, we are now welcomed into His kingdom—as His sons and daughters. Because with arms wide open, He was hung on the most horrible cross, to His scorn and shame.


He did not merely call us from darkness to light, He also transformed us from filthy to pure—even promoted us from beggars to eternal heirs!

And for what purpose?

That we may have the right to be called a chosen generation… a royal priesthood… a holy nation… a people belonging to God.

JEHOVAH TSIDKENU. The God who is not only righteous, but is also OUR righteousness.

Jireh, the Lord Who Provides

Be it food, clothes, payment for loans or hospital bills – whatever material blessings you may need – ask Him. He can. For He only can give.

And yet, it is not a matter of what we have, but how we see what we have. Ask Him to let you see the glass half-full. For He only can give joy beyond material wealth.

So that, finally, when we receive from Him, we treat those as blessings to be shared, not possessions to be amassed. For He only gives… so that we, too, can give.

Come to Jireh today, with full assurance that you will be filled – with enough to keep and more than enough to share.

El Elyon, the Lord Who Owns

Imagine that father as THE EL ELYON GOD—the Lord Who Owns—who says:

Who cares if you’ve fallen into sin again… if you’ve run so far away from me? Didn’t I come to seek and save the lost? And didn’t I already bear every sin there is when I was crucified on the Cross?

Yes the world is unsafe and the enemy is prowling about waiting for someone to devour. But didn’t I say ‘Fear not for I am with you’? Didn’t I say that I rule over the world… that I have overcome it?

And I haven’t forgotten the sicknesses that taint this world—plus the poverty, the corruption, the rejections, the failures. But didn’t I receive whips and lashes that you might be healed? Didn’t I become poor so that you may be rich? Didn’t I receive scorn and rejection that you may be accepted?

All these, I did, because YOU ARE MINE. It is I who formed you in your mother’s womb, not the enemy who pushes you to sin, puts you to danger, and prevents you from having a full life. It is I who created you, so I will do everything for you, for you are mine.

So run to El Elyon as a boy does to his father. And when you finally feel His arms around you, maybe all you could say is, “This, here, is home.”

Raah, the Lord our Shepherd

If you are suffering from an interminable disease and the doctor says nothing can be done, if your heart is broken and you cannot find the strength to even smile, or if your spirit is crushed and you have lost all the will to live—then believe that He is Raah… that He will restore you, body, mind and soul.>

If you are moving to a territory where everything and everyone is unfamiliar, if you are given a responsibility that you feel is too heavy to bear, or if you feel that your world is falling apart—then believe that He is Raah… that He will walk with you even through the valley of the shadow of death.

Whatever your circumstances may be, come to Him. For He is Raah, the Good Shepherd who, in love, laid down His life for you. And with Him, you shall never be in want.

Elohim, the God Who Creates

Elohim. The God who can restore healing to your bruised body… peace to your troubled mind… joy to your wearied heart… hope to your darkened spirit… and life to your deadened soul.

ELOHIM. He is the God who creates something out of nothing… transforms a messed up life into a testimony… and restores the broken to its original condition.

Allow Him to speak the words to your life – to be Elohim to you – and it will be.


Then Jesus came. He left the grandeur of the heaven of heavens to suffer as mortal man. For the salvation of a humanity that He did not need, He chose to be born as a baby in swaddling clothes, with the full knowledge that He was here for one chief reason: to live to die… that we may have eternal life.

In Him IS life. Even as we believe, life will continue to throw at us all the grief, disappointments, failures, hurts and pains. But with God, we have peace that surpasses understanding even in the face of tragedies and calamities. With Him, we become enabled to choose joy in the midst of whatever tests or trials come our way. With Him, we become enabled to weather whatever challenges may bar our path to our full potential, to our dreams and to the very purpose of our creation. With Him, we become enabled to choose to live, rather than exist.

With Him, we live. We live full lives even while here on earth. 

With Him, we live. Even after we die physically.

Our salvation came at a steep price, through the costliest expression of love: the Cross of Calvary. But it is that same love that has become the light of all mankind. And it is only upon the acceptance of that light can we truly have… life.

Start from the very beginning… begin on your knees, at the throne of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Life-Giver.