Declaring His VICTORY, exalting Jesus


We always want to start strong. That is why new years mean bucket lists, resolutions, and ‘warding off bad luck.’

In reality, however, all these attempts will be insufficient apart from God. Because real victory can only be found by those whose faith is in Him. 1 John 5:4 says—

“for everyone born of God overcomes the world. This is the victory that has overcome the world, even our faith.”

Therefore, if we really want our new year to be successful and fulfilling, the first thing we must do is to declare—not just victory—but GOD’S victory over our lives by reaffirming our faith in Him, as if saying:

We need You. It is a fact that, no matter how hard we try and no matter how great we sacrifice, all our efforts to succeed in school, at work, at home, and in life are inadequate: our minds run out of ideas, our bodies run out of strength, and our hearts run out of hope. But it is in acknowledging this—and the great power of the infallible, perfect GOD who cares for us—that we are actually claiming that though we are incapable, God is. Therefore, victory WILL.

We trust in You. Nobody, even the person with the highest IQ, knows the future. This makes new years similar to walking with a blindfold or jumping into an abyss; therefore frightful. But though we cannot see the future, we can confidently walk into every new year because God cannot only see the future, He holds the future. He who created life, who gave up His life for us, who IS life—His is the future. With this truth in mind, we are only left to believe that victory is OURS.

We submit to You. We all have our dreams and hopes, plans and goals. It could be entering this university, marrying our partner, touring the country, getting a promotion, or starting a business. But is our plan, no matter how good, also God’s plan? We may tick every item off our bucket list and still feel defeated—if those items are not aligned with God’s. Because more than our personal victories, what must prevail in our lives is HIS victory—a victory far better than our little minds could ever dream of.

We need You… we trust in You… we submit to You. For the person who truly knows God, who truly believes in God, who truly is in God, victory is not an uncertainty, victory IS.

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