I am called to be holy; I am prepared for eternity.


Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God. (Matthew 5:8)

Jesus’ teaching on holiness targeted the heart. In this verse, He did not command us to be pure in speech, ways, or spiritual activities. Jesus said: be pure in heart. BE HOLY. He aimed at the center of man’s being from which all thoughts, words, and actions come.

For if a man speaks decently yet delights in foul thoughts, acts with goodness yet harbors wicked motives, or sings in the church yet rejoices in the misery of others, what good is there? His heart’s sinfulness invalidates them all.

This month, let us relentlessly press on in our pursuit of holiness. Let us guard our hearts. Let us not leave any room for Satan to triumph in our families, in our communities, and even in the church. Once we do, not only will our sinful, distorted vision be cured, but we shall see the greatest and grandest spectacle we look forward to in eternity—JESUS.

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