Know God, know Compassion


Jesus reached out his hand and touched the man. “I am willing,” he said. (Matthew 8:3a)

When the man with leprosy came to Jesus and asked for healing, Jesus did not just heal him; He touched him. A man considered an outcast, considered unclean, considered untouchable by society, touched by Jesus. This same Jesus talked to a Samaritan woman, invited Himself into the house of a tax collector, and received the offering of a prostitute.

Why? Because that was the very reason why He came. For the sick, the weak, the lost.

For you and me. For all of humanity.

So, as Jesus did, let us show love to everyone, especially to those who feel that they are outcasts: sick people, old people, persons with disability, persons of color, out-of-school youths, repeaters, nerds, illegitimate children, teenage parents, sex slaves, addicts, ex-convicts, convicts, and many other labels. Let us refuse to use any and all labels and consider all people our equals… fellow human beings… brothers and sisters.

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