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Happy blessed victorious 37th anniversary to the entire Jesus Is Lord Church Worldwide family!

“Jesus is Lord!” For more than three decades, this has been our unc


The crackling sound of fireworks resonating through the air... the fascinating display of lights dancing in the sky... and the joyous cries of people of


L-O-V-E. These four letters echo around us: in the heart decors that adorn almost every shop, in the songs being played in radio stations, and


Jesus is the Life-Giver. 

Remember the bleeding woman whom society had treated ‘dead’ for the last 12 years of her life? Or the leprous and the blin


Howling winds, surging waves, a boat being tossed wildly from side to side, and twelve terribly terrified disciples.

Then a shout. “Quiet! Be still!”


>> <<

A great Midianite army invading, no, ravaging, Israel. A weakling from the tribe of Manasseh being called to fight against the Midianites.

Then a voice. “Do not be afraid.”