2021 is the YEAR OF GOD’S TRIUMPHANT HOPE, the fulfillment of God’s agenda—in our personal life, in our family, in the JIL Church Worldwide, in our nation, and in the world.

We declare victories and breakthroughs for JIL members and their respective families, along with the surpassing peace and unbreakable joy from God.

We declare that God will send us fresh fire, open new frontiers, and bring forth significant great successes for the JIL Church Worldwide.

We declare compassion and empathy, unity and solidarity among the Filipino people, as we declare wisdom, mercy, justice and integrity for our government officials.

We declare physical healing, financial recovery, emotional freedom, and spiritual revival for the world.

And as we receive all those, we also affirm our renewed commitment:
to deepen our faith in God, to intensify our service in the ministry, and to solidify our devotion to others.

We will all the more love God,

We will all the more serve God,

And we will all the more love and serve others,

Until the Lord’s Second Coming.

We say AMEN to this and receive God’s triumphant hope for 2021!

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