Forever Yours, Joni


Ms. Joni Villanueva-Tugna’s life, if in one word, would be this: OFFERING. She regarded everything she had—skills, expertise, wealth, strength, character, spirituality—as something she could offer to the people entrusted to her care in the different roles she took and to the One whom she owes her whole life: our Lord Jesus Christ. In every preaching or speech she made, it would resonate with her earnest desire to give more, serve more, offer more. It’s as if hearing from her over and over again, “I am forever yours.”

Now, as the anniversary of Ms. Joni’s departure to heaven draws near, not only will we remember the songs she sang, the services she did, the impact she made, and the love she showered to us, but, more so, relive the legacy she left behind.

Join us in the next few days on our official social media platforms as we give glory to the Lord for the life of our dear Ms. Joni Villanueva-Tugna.

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