We began the year with lockdowns, rapid rise in COVID-19 cases, and a flood of prayer requests for healing. The world, the Philippines, even the Church is battered. But our Hope is not.

This is what the participants from JIL churches all over the Philippines and all over the world proved when they gathered in the overflowing Zoom rooms last February 3, 2022 for the annual Vision Casting. More than a thousand pastors, church coordinators, and core leaders of the 15 operations of the JIL ministry joined online with expectant hearts and hope-filled spirits.

The Vision Casting is a highly anticipated yearly event of the JIL Church wherein visions, strategies, and spiritual direction from the Lord through the JIL leadership are cascaded to the body. It aims to unite all the JIL chapters regardless of geographical distances.

The program began with the passionate singing of praise songs to the Lord, followed by a prayer led by Rev. Edgar Valdoria, the Director of Eastern and Western Asia and Africa Operations.

Immediately after, the directors from across the 15 operations were spotlighted, thereby enlivening the atmosphere with greetings and well-wishes. This was followed by a special live greeting of Sen. Joel “Tesdaman” Villanueva, who, despite being under COVID quarantine, thanked the delegates for their continuous support and rallied the delegates to continue trusting the Lord’s plans for the church and our nation this 2022.

Then, Rev. Bobot Bernardo, the Executive Director of the JILCW, delivered a teaching centered on the church’s theme for 2022: God’s Triumphant Hope. His preaching emphasized that we not only have hope available for every season of the church but that the Blessed Hope himself, the Lord Jesus Christ, is with us every day of our lives.

After the empowering talk, CIBAC nominees, Atty. Cathy Valencia and Cong. Domeng Rivera, addressed the pastors with inspiring testimonies of serving God in the political arena and reiterated the party-list’s plans to better fulfill God’s plans for the nation.

The night was capped off with the preaching of God’s Word through the President and Spiritual Director of JILCW, Bro. Eddie Villanueva. The highlight of the event, his preaching focused on the importance of godly character in serving God in the last days. He also emphasized that the church must be prepared for the Second Coming of the Lord Jesus through active participation in fulfilling the Great Commission and in nation-building.

A joyous singing of thanksgiving songs and a faith-filled closing prayer led by Rev. Jerry Ignacio of the Oceania Operations concluded the gathering.

With refreshed minds, empowered spirits, and united heart, JIL is now ready more than ever to rise, move, and triumph together this 2022!

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