Devastating. That is probably the word that would best describe what storms are. With their violent winds, deafening thunders, and hard-pouring rains, we can easily foretell the destruction they bring—overwhelming floods, damaged crops, and, worst, ruined lives. They linger for days and their impact, for weeks, even months. And when one finally ends, another one comes. Storm after every storm.

Don’t we have this same season in life? The season when we feel like we are standing in the middle of a storm—tossed by worries, swept by struggles, and drowned by failures. We strive, boldly. But still it lingers… for days, weeks, even months. And just as the storm is finally over, a new one comes. Storm after every storm. Because of this, we are left exhausted… desperate… hopeless.

It is during these moments that we search for a sanctuary… a shelter that may provide us rest, comfort, and peace.

For some of us, that shelter could mean music to appease our aching hearts, alcohol to forget our piled up bills, or pills to shut off the worries plaguing our minds. But we know that all these are temporary. The music will end, sobriety will come, and medicines will lose their effect.

But there is Someone offering us a shelter that actually lasts. In fact, all along, He has been inviting us, beckoning us: “Come to me…” (Matthew 11:28).

Our Sanctuary. JESUS CHRIST. He has been waiting for us with open arms, ready to warm our cold, sleepless nights… ready to soothe the surging pains of our hearts… ready to protect us as we go through the battles of life. What is more, He promises us peace beyond human comprehension (Philippians 4:7) and a lifetime of companionship (Matthew 28:20)!

What kind of storm are you in right now? Overwhelming debts? An immedicable disease? A broken relationship? Death of a loved one?

Then run to your Sanctuary, find shelter in JESUS, and allow His strong arms to be your refuge, His sweet presence to give you comfort, and His loving embrace to fill you with peace. Storm after every storm.

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