The Glorious Acquisition of JIL MPC

There came a revelation of the thoughts of purchasing a bigger facility like the place of UCC (Ukrainian Community Centre, which we used as Miracle Service. It was just a plain talk, conversation, talking it one time when Pastor Bong Gonzales said, “what if we buy this place?”  It may not be a dream, but it is just a “what if” and “why not” He is a man of Vision and Mission! To him nothing is difficult to say, because to his God, nothing is impossible to do!  Amen!

On July 10, 2011 after the JIL International Congress in Vancouver, we hold our service at UCC with Sis. Soc Garcia and Ptr. Bobot Bernardo as our guests.  While Mam Soc was greeting the JIL people, a power outage happened.  The same day, we found out that the UCC is for sale!  This is the work of God!  Glory to God!

The following year, sometime in April 2012 the EMB (Executive Management Board) came to visit Ontario, Canada. It was with great joy and blessing to have them visit the place UCC. In the same year, in September, our very own Bishop Bro. Eddie Villanueva stepped upon the place, laid hands and prayed.  In God’s faithfulness, the time has come in a year of prayers, negotiation and with both the blessings of the Executive Bishop and the EMB; it all came into fulfillment. God is Amazing!

 Psalm 40:5 (NIV)   Many, Lord my God, are the wonders you have done, the things you planned for us.
           None can compare with you; were I to speak and tell of your deeds, they would be too many to declare.
Psalm 111:6 (NIV) He has shown his people the power of His works, giving them the lands of other nations.
Thank you, Lord for the marvelous works You have done!

April 3, 2013 marked one of the most amazing and uplifting events in the lives of the Pastors, Church Coordinators and Staff of the NOAH2 (Ontario) – The “keys” was handed to Pastor Bong Gonzales together with some of the Church leaders and staff.  The keys to open every door of UCC-the new acquired property of the JIL Church in Toronto! Which will be called JILMPC (JIL Multipurpose center).  The place is so huge!  Many room potential for not only for church activities but also for community services like Day-Care, English Courses, Women’s Association, Sport’s clinic, Feed the Hungry, the JIL Christian School, Printing Press, Media and Studio, and many more! The JILMPC will impact the neighborhood and nearby cities! All for the glory of God!

The JILMPC will hold its first Sunday Worship Service as official on April 14, 2013.  And very soon, the launching of the ‘I Care Foundation International’ and the ‘CYN Worship Service’!  Our God is alive!

We have seen remarkable miracles happened in the JIL Church and in the JIL Family!  One thing for sure, God is seeing!  God is hearing!  God is working!  He is the Great Provider! Halleluiah!  The JILMPC is the first ever acquired by the JIL Church in Canada, or I say in Noah (North America Hemisphere) that set everyone’s heart and hopes with more greater faith for God`s great glory!  Our Faith comes by hearing God and His Word, the more you confess that promises with your mouth, the more faith you are building.  Continue to have this ‘faith’ in our eyes, in our ears, in our hearts and confess with our mouth – God wants everyone not only to be consistent but also persistent.  Praise God!

The Year of 2013 is the Year of the Lord’s Favour!  Congratulations to everyone!  God bless! All Glory belongs to God! God said, “I will look on you with favor and make you fruitful and increase your numbers, and I will keep my covenant with you.” – Leviticus 26:9


Written by Pastor Babes Ocampo for


JIL Calamba’s 25th Anniversary

JIL Calamba’s 25th Anniversary

Also part of the celebration was the presentation of JIL Calamba’s history. Founded in 1986, its history is replete with milestones that demonstrate how the Lord has faithfully blessed and enlarged His ministry in Calamba City. From this city, the JIL Church is continuously expanding to nearby towns. Then, with a common purpose of giving God greater honor, JIL Calamba challenged its leaders, workers and congregation to join God’s mighty army in the city.

“Give honor to whom honor is due. First and foremost, we must remember that God deserves the greater honor,” emphasized Bro. Eddie.

From Hebrews 3:3, Bro. Eddie talked about the honor that the Lord Jesus Christ deserves, that it must be greater than anyone’s. Jesus, who is a Co-Creator of the heavens and the earth, abandoned His Kingship and profoundly offered His Life to relentlessly follow the will of the Father. His passion to fulfil the will of God truly brought God greater glory and honor, Bro. Eddie further said.

He also gave the example of Moses’ life on how to live in order to honor God. In Moses’s excellent example of self-abnegation, he chose to endure disgrace for the sake of God. (Hebrews 11:24-26)

The celebration was led by Rev. Virgie Hernandez, Church Pastor of JIL Calamba and concurrent Director of the Central Operations of the JIL Church Worldwide. Central Operations cover Metro Manila and the nearby provinces of Rizal, Cavite, Laguna and Bulacan. Pastors from other Christian churches in Laguna also joined in the celebration.

JIL Church Launches the Bro. Eddie Ministries – Bible Plan

JIL Church Launches the Bro. Eddie Ministries – Bible Plan

By Joash Bermejo

With the tremendous changes in technology, new media continuously moves in an unprecedented growth. The presence of new media and its wide audience resulted in the convergence of the new media and the three traditional media platforms – the Television, Radio and Print. Who can ever think that they can now watch their favorite TV shows in the internet, listen to their favorite radio station and read newspaper articles via online?

But it doesn’t stop there; the available advancement in technology also helps in the different church works, most importantly in the propagation of God’s words and gives light among the various races in the world.

Bobby Gruenewald, founder of YouVersion believes that with the past generations, access of the people have on the bible continuously becoming limited and fewer people are engaging in reading the scriptures.

This inspired Bobby and his team called “Digerati” to introduce the YouVersion, a technological development that take the available technology, particularly the mobile technology to help the people be engage in the bible and make the bible part of their daily lives.

“The real emphasis that we have is really focus on simply trying to make it very easy to people to read and engage the bible”, Bobby said.

First introduced as merely as a website on 2007,’s result were good but not that great.  And with the birth of the Smartphones, this inspired Bobby and his team to shift on YouVersion’s mobile version and got into the App Store with app title “The Bible” on 2008.

Three days after it got into the App Store, “The Bible” app have gained almost 83,000 downloads, and now 72 million people installed the app on their smartphones on its four years since it was first introduced.

Bible app users encompass different races and ages. With the large number of people installed the Bible app on their Smartphones, for Bobby this signifies that God is really moving on this “Digital mission”.

The Bible App mainly aims to provide people free access to scriptures that is available in almost 213 languages including our own Filipino language, and in almost 412 bible versions. This further helps people to have on-going and daily engagement with the bible.

Using the mobile device installed with the Bible App people can now use the bible anytime and anywhere they are, something that could help each to read the bible more.

Bible App is just not merely featuring the different books of the scriptures, it also contains features like of reading plans that could help someone keep track on his/her spiritual progress. Also using the Bible App it will be easy for its users to share scriptures and bible passages to other people using the Social Networking Sites like of Twitter and Facebook.

“…it makes easy for your friends to discover scriptures and began to discover the Bible App and make it part of their life as well”, he added.

Bobby Gruenewald and his friends from visited the Philippines last December 2012 to meet with various Christian churches in the country, and one of it is the Jesus Is Lord Church Worldwide, the country’s biggest Christian Church.


With their visit in the country, Bobby Gruenewald and his team sealed a partnership with JIL through providing a bible reading plan in 2013 which will be called Bro. Eddie Ministries Bible – Reading Plan.

As we faced the New Year, JIL Church Worldwide offered to you the Bro. Eddie Ministries Bible – Reading Plan, a great way to start our year right. Everyone can now access the Bro. Eddie Ministries Bible – Reading Plan through’s Bible App.

Having Bro. Eddie Ministries Bible – Reading Plan in your Smartphones was just easy, it only take for a few steps. First, install the application Bible app in your phone, select “Plans”, then on Language select “Filipino”. Then on Categories select “Bago” or “New”, and go to Bro. Eddie Ministries Bible – Reading Plan.

From there, you can now start your daily devotional plans using the Bro. Eddie Ministries Bible – Reading Plan.

JIL Church Worldwide Groundbreaking Ceremony

JIL Church Worldwide Groundbreaking Ceremony

“The earth belongs to the Lord and the fullness thereof!” This was Bro. Eddie’s declaration during the groundbreaking ceremony of the construction of the establishments owned by JIL Church Worldwide. The groundbreaking ceremony held last October 8, 2012 was spearheaded by Bro. Eddie Villanueva and witnessed by hundreds of pastors from Central, National, and International Operations of JIL Church Worldwide.

The JIL Church Cornerstone West

The first groundbreaking ceremony was held at JIL Cornerstone West, a 1,700 sq. m. lot acquired by JIL Church at Ludvico cor. Bilibid Viejo St., Quiapo, Metro Manila. Claimed to be located at the heart of University Belt, this church will focus to evangelize and disciple the young people of this generation. In Bro. Eddie’s prophetic prayer, he declared, “In this place will arise the new generation of leaders and pastors.” The church will be filled with facilities such as the worship hall, commercial spaces, lobby, library and other amenities designed to cater the youth. “Naniniwala ako na gagamitin ng Lord ang lugar na ito para i-transform ang mga kabataan na siyang magta-transform ng ating lugar (I believe that the Lord will use this place to transform the young people who will transform our community),says Ptra. Cora Tabucal, the church pastor of JIL University Belt.

The JIL Church Cornerstone Central

After this, the convoy of pastors headed towards Balintawak to witness the groundbreaking ceremony of JIL Cornerstone Central. The place is a 6,400 sq. m. lot area. Located at the corner of EDSA and start of North Luzon Expressway (NLEX) and almost along Edsa/Balintawak road, it is claimed as the most strategic place acquired by JIL Church Worldwide. On this location will rise a 12-storey building with a 5,000 seating capacity worship hall. During the ceremony, Bro. Eddie shared how the JIL Church Worldwide, the church without roof, focused on building the people and the spiritual church for the past 34 years. He emphasized that this is now the moment to build the physical church to bring more glory to God.

The JIL Church Cornerstone North

At Km. 21, Quirino Hiway, Quezon City, the JIL Church Worldwide had miraculously acquired an approximately 15,000 sq. m. lot by the heirs of Former President Elpidio Quirino where the JIL Cornerstone North will rise. During its ground-breaking ceremony, Sis. Joni Tugna, the Executive Director of the JIL Church Worldwide, shared how the church won the bid even though the four other bidders were well-known developers in the country. The JIL Church Executive Management Board sent a letter of intent to the owner, the daughter of Pres. Quirino. “Sabi niya, the moment na binabasa niya yung letter, kinilabutan daw siya. Sabi niya, this is the very first time I’ve read a letter such as this, (“She said, the moment she read the letter, she had goose bumps. She said, ‘This is the first time I’ve read a letter such as this.'”).” said Sis. Joni as she shared how the owner was blessed by the purpose of the JIL church and how it correlated with the advocacies of President Quirino. This triggered the heirs of Pres. Quirino to award the bid to JIL Church Worldwide, even at a lower cost. The place is located where the track of MRT 5 will rise. “We dream that this place will have a hospital, school, anything na magkakasya sa 1.5 hectare lot na ito, (We dream that this place will have a hospital, school, anything that would fit in this 1.5 hectare lot).” says Sis. Joni Tugna

The JIL Church Camp Praise Valley

After this, they travelled towards JIL Praise Valley Camp Site at Norzagaray, Bulacan.

At the place, the JIL pastors were filled with the Holy Spirit as they reminisced the memories at the camp site. “Kung may isa pong lugar na maraming nabago ang buhay, ito po yung Camp Praise Valley (If there is one place where many lives were transformed, it is here in Camp Praise Valley).” says Ptr. Joey Joey Crisostomo. The JIL leadership camps, children’s camps, youth camps, and worship camps at JIL Praise Valley started in the year 1986 and were putted off on year 2004 as plans for renovation are intended for the site. The camp site which was only two hectares last 2004 has already expanded to 19 hectares. On its renovation, a large amphitheatre will rise with 6,000 seating capacity, and three medium-rise condominium buildings wherein the campers will be accommodated.

The groundbreaking ceremonies were concluded by a thanksgiving dinner fellowship at JIL Prayer Garden at Bunlo, Bocaue, Bulacan.


View the complete set of the Ground-breaking Ceremony pictures here.