What you need to know about COVID-19 Vaccination


We heard you ask, so here’s our take on COVID-19 vaccination.

We believe in God’s power to protect, to heal, and to save. We also believe that He uses medical science as one tool to protect, heal, and save us from threats such as COVID-19.

Does that mean we should get the vaccine? Read on.


Total administered vaccines worldwide:
894 million doses in 155 countries
(as of April 19, 2021, via Bloomberg)
That’s only 5.9% of the global population

Medical science shows that the most viable solution to end this pandemic is getting vaccinated: at least 70% of the population immunized.

As Christians, we believe that God’s power can also be manifested through medical science. Therefore, GETTING VACCINATED IS NECESSARY.

But should a Christian have doubts on the safety and effectiveness of the vaccines, the task is two-fold: to walk in faith and to judge with reason.

Consult the Word of God.
Carefully seek biblical principles and answers on the following:

  • Faith and action
  • A Christian’s duty toward his physical body (accountability)
  • A Christian’s duty toward his neighbors and within his community (social responsibility)

Conduct careful study and observation.
Read verified reports, listen to expert opinions, and ask the following on the vaccines available to you:

  • Who manufactured the vaccine?
  • What type of vaccine is it? How was it developed?
  • What are its ingredients?
  • Who were included in the clinical trials? Do they have underlying conditions?
  • How effective was the vaccine during the clinical trials?
  • What are the possible side effects? Are there confirmed adverse effects?

Do a self-check.
Consult your doctor or a medical expert and answer the following:

  • Are you physically ready for the vaccine?
    • age, physical fitness, allergic reaction to any of the vaccine’s ingredients
  • Are you vulnerable to the virus?
    • Medical frontliners have a high level of virus exposure
    • Senior citizens and those with co-morbidities have a high level of vulnerability
    • Essential workers have a high level of people exposure

Follow your personal conviction.
Pray and seek peace in your heart.

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